The Romantic Ruse

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Amazon Best Seller in April 2016.

Desperate circumstances called for bold action. Lily couldn’t resist the invitation to masquerade as her friend Emma to escape an undesired courtship. Her ruse backfires when she falls in love with Emma’s intended. How could she possibly tell him her real identity? This deceit has also put her life in danger. Gus finds her working in a saloon and turns his back on her. Now her main objective is to win him back – no matter what it takes. A sizzling clean romance.  

5 reviews for The Romantic Ruse

  1. Lori Dykes

    Oh what a tangled web we weave when the truth is held back! One of my favorite of Barbara’s stories (yes I say that about all of them!) . Lily and Emma were the best of friends and Emma had been corresponding with a man out West to become his mail order bride. But her old love came back and they married. She asked Llly to post Gus a letter she had written to let him know she had to break it off. Lily’s father was determined to marry her off to a man that would help him with his business and she saw her way to escape when she read the letter Emma had written and that it held a train ticket in the envelope.
    Lily goes to meet Gus and pretend she is Emma, but things go pretty quickly and they are both attracted to each other. How will she tell him?
    Wow what an excellent narration by Ann Thompson who was perfect for this story. Then the journey the two take to try to find their happy ever after. Some good advice and Bible passages that bring this one all together!! Perfect!

  2. Julie Gilbert

    Lily Brewer flees an unwanted courtship by using a train ticket intended for her friend, Emma. Before she can come clean to Gus about the deception, she’s kidnapped.

    Additional Comments:
    – The romance in the story is of the instant variety.
    – The villain’s pretty clear-cut.
    – I had a little trouble figuring out the sibling and married pairs in here. (Emma and James; Lily and Charles) Emma is Lily’s friend and Charles’s wife.
    – Barbara Goss usually has happy endings as dictated by the romance genre, but these two had a bit of a rougher journey to get there than most.
    – It’s almost a comedy of errors with the missed near chances and sheer number of misunderstandings. I confess to doing a fair amount of yelling at these characters. (Get it together and talk it out, people. No, don’t tell her that, you moron. That’s the worst advice you could possibly give her.) I suppose that makes them more realistic as well as infuriating.
    – Ann M. Thompson’s performance was fine.

    If you like slightly clueless but nevertheless lovable characters and clean western romance, give it a go.

  3. Misty

    I listened to this one on audio. I thought it started out iffy because of the narrator, but then it was fine. The story was great! I loved the twists, turns and unexpected events happening in this book. I Loved this book. This is one of those books I will read again in a year or so again.

  4. Ray White

    This is a cute little story. I liked the ruse and thought it had potential right off. There is some nice western imagery and language. It’s clean and wholesome, and pretty-much worked for me. Listen closely to the first chapter. You gotta get Gus and the preacher into your brain or else you’ll be lost. I had to go back and listen again because I let myself get distracted during those formative scenes. Yeah… it’s a cute little western tale. 🙂

  5. Danny Harr

    I like all of Barbara Goss books. she has a way of writing stories that pull you into it. This one is the same. it’s an excellent story with a good story line and good characters and some twist and turns. Ann M Thomas did a good job narraiting this book. I received this book from unleashed but that has no influence on my review. Thank you.

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