Silent Love

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Caroline is desperate to reach Oregon and find her only living relative. She persuades Simon, a man traveling on a wagon train, to let her pose as his wife. As they face and overcome capture by Indians and other dangerous adventures along the Oregon Trail, Caroline and Simon bond as friends. When they reach Oregon and Caroline’s Aunt Hattie, they go their separate ways as agreed upon at the beginning of their farce. Soon, they both realize that parting was a mistake. Did love come too quietly for them to recognize it—and have they lost their chance? Will they find each other again? Clean romance.

3 reviews for Silent Love

  1. Janalyn Prude

    Although I have had a love-hate relationship with Barbara goes his books, this book is the reason I continue to read them. I loved this book. And the narrator did such a great job. I always say a narrator can make a break an audiobook and Miss Pepper certainly made this one better. I definitely recommend this book to those who like historical romances that are historically accurate. I gave this book 5 starS, Because it really doesn’t get better than this.

  2. Cindy Nipper

    Christian Historical Romance

    A wonderful tale that mostly takes place on the Oregon Trail! Hardship is normal on the trail, but most of the problems this couple have arrive after they both get settled in different towns in Oregon.

    I really enjoyed the narration and have nothing negative to say at all. Her timing was very good. Her voices were believable and varied. She really added a lot to this story!

  3. Misty

    Interesting story in this book. I loved the characters, how the story line flowed and how lets just say, how things went.

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