Mail Order Misfortune (Green River Brides, Book 2)

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Trouble is coming to Green River.

As the newly appointed deputy, Seth Gibbons came to Green River with one purpose—to save the town from corruption.

But when he arrives and discovers that things aren’t exactly as he’d been led to believe, Seth soon finds that his life in Green River has taken a completely different turn.

Surprisingly, he is able to build a good life for himself in the quiet town, surrounded by many good people keen to help him, including the local doctor, Thomas Walters.

Seth realizes that the only thing still missing from his life is someone to share it with, and so, he decides to take a chance and place an advertisement for a mail-order bride.

Across the country, Bryony Smalls is facing an uncertain future. Her family’s farm has been sold off, and with her father and brother leaving her to find her own way in the world, Bryony feels lost with little hope for starting over somewhere new.

It is only when she finds Seth’s advertisement for a mail-order bride that Bryony dares to hope that maybe she has found her ticket to a new life after all.

As Bryony’s responses quickly arrive, Thomas Walters kindly offers to help Seth with his own letters, as the couple makes plans to meet.

Seth is eager for Bryony to join him in Green River, and even Thomas finds himself intrigued by Seth’s mail-order bride-to-be. But there is no telling where life can lead, and even in a peaceful town like Green River, danger can still be waiting just around the corner.

Only one thing is certain. There is a long way still to go before anyone can make it to the altar. 

Mail Order Misfortune is a heart-warming story, packed with a mix of thrills, shocking twists, and, of course, romance. For Seth, Bryony, and Thomas, life will never be the same again—as the events that have led them together, might just be what drives them apart for good.


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