Stolen Heritage

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As an infant, Running Brook is kidnapped by the Comanche; as a teenager, she is rescued by gentle Quakers and introduced to Christian beliefs; as a young adult, she searches for love and her true heritage.

Discreetly disguised as a boy, Brook travels to Texas with a tantalizing young army captain and his Indian guide. There she finds her father who welcomes her with open arms. But Brook’s stepmother and Ram, her handsome stepbrother, resent her. When she accidentally discovers Ram’s underhanded schemes, she knows that her life is in danger. Isolated on the ranch, is there anywhere she can go for help? Would she dare to turn to Captain Jeremy Grant for help? She had finally found her real family, but had she lost her heritage? This story weaves together adventure, faith, and love in a captivating story.

5 reviews for Stolen Heritage

  1. Cindy Nipper

    An incredible story of a young woman who was stolen from her home as a baby, raised by Indians, and searching for her birth parents. But can she fit in with either worlds? Discover, as she does, that her true family is being one of God’s beloved children. God answers her prayers before she even prays them!
    The narrator was perfect for this story

  2. Lori Dykes

    ALmost every story that the wonderful Barbara Goss writes, has so many wonderful messages that speak to the heart and soul. Although set many years past a lot of what this says is true today. That there are many prejudices where there should not be as we should all love one another.
    Coming from wealth and a social life in Boston, Sarah Clarke takes a journey when she finds that her grandfather, who she had never met, left her a cattle ranch in Texas. Her escort is a half breed Indian called Storm. She is at first terrified of him and all the Indians that accompany their journey. But things begin to change slowly as the story unfolds.
    With the wonderful spot on narration by Leon Nixon and the words of Barbara Goss, this story held me enthralled until the last page. Simply lovely.

  3. Lori Dykes

    First I apologize for adding the incorrect review above. I am posting several reviews of Barb’s books and pasted that one from my audible library. Here is the correct one!!
    This is one of my favorite of Barbara’s stories. Although I know that I say that as I listen or read another! I listen every spare second I have and yes, I have become a little obsessed with her books. The reason? They speak to me with her gentle words of faith and how it is an integral part of her message but not overpowering. The first pages really tore at my heart but was necessary to set up the background of the main character Running Brook. She is taken by Indians when she is an infant and her mother killed and is raised by them. Then rescued when she was about sixteen by a Quaker family and taught the ways of the white man and being a Christian.
    When her rescuers think they have located two possibilities for her real family, she is escorted to Texas by Capt Jeremy Grant and his Indian guide.
    What a wonderful journey and with one of my favorite narrators Leon Nixon, the story comes alive. The prologue actually brought tears to my eyes and I could only sigh with the happiness Barbara’s stories bring..

  4. Misty

    This book was well written by the author. I enjoyed the story a lot and had not read/listened to something quite like this. It followed nicely and the characters were relateable. I listened to this book and I loved the narrator.

  5. Shirley Forrest Nomakeo

    A Big Story In A Short Audiobook

    I received a free copy of this audiobook from AudiobooksUnleashed in exchange for an honest review.
    A great historical fiction that told a complete story in a short timeframe. Since her abduction as a child, Brook was mistreated but providence led her to a kind couple who set her life on track. Having originated in Fort Worth, a soldier and his friend were hired to bring her home. Captain Jeremy Grant knows the family and the trouble brewing there. The characters are likable and their story believable. The narration was very well done.

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