The Fall of Hidden Meadows


She is a dating mess. He is the most successful man in the world.

Sarah Margo stomped out of the courthouse in sixth grade yelling, “I am never getting married!” The heartbreak of her parents’ divorce and mother leaving never left her. That’s why Sarah went out of her way to avoid meaningful relationships – the long-term boyfriend she didn’t love and a fling that caused controversy. Her childhood love breaking her heart didn’t help. 

Sarah decides to leave the past in her Midwestern town and take an engineering job in New York City. New friends and a great career provide Sarah her ideal life until she collides with Iain Mackgale. As Sarah learns more about Iain, she discovers he has many secrets. While processing her unexpected feelings, she receives a life-changing phone call. 

The Fall of Hidden Meadows is a funny and heartwarming story spanning 17 years of a girl’s life as she navigates relationships, loss, and a life she never expected.


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