Forbidden Legacy

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Unspoiled by her beauty or wealth, Sarah Clarke travels an arduous journey by stagecoach to inherit the Arrow C cattle ranch left to her by the grandfather she never knew. However, the ranch foreman, a half-breed Indian called Storm, also claims legal ownership.

The rugged, impassioned young man arouses conflicting emotions in Sarah. Because her own father was killed by Indians, she is first frightened by Storm and his ranch hands. Yet fear quickly gives way to love as his tenderness and compassion stir her heart. Although Storm’s kisses convince Sarah that he feels the same, he admits that he is betrothed to another. Infuriated, Sarah vows to stop Storm from entering a loveless marriage. But how?

Vividly evoking the danger and excitement of life in Texas in the 1800s, Forbidden Legacy is a captivating story of love, faith, and adventure.

4 reviews for Forbidden Legacy

  1. Janalyn Prude

    I was thoroughly enjoying this book. I love the characters, but then After Sarah and storm Quickly fall in love he then proceeds to tell her after a passionate kiss, that he is our uncle. That is when I abruptly stop reading this book. That is ridiculous and totally ruin the whole story for me. Doesn’t Miss Barbara Gosnell this is incest. He knew he was her uncle and yet he shared a passionate kiss with her and then when he told her it was her uncle she said she didn’t care. Sometimes Ms.Goss Can write the best historical western books and then sometimes she writes stuff like this. It is almost as if she lost the bet and was forced to write a ridiculous story like this one.

  2. Janalyn Prude

    After writing my original review above, I received an email from someone who is very familiar with Barbara gas books and she proceeded to tell me Christian publishers wouldn’t have published the book had it been about incest. So I went back and read it all the way through. I am so glad I did. This is classic Barbara Goss and all the reasons I love her books. I want to apologize for my initial review and wish there was a way I could a race it, but since I can’t hear is my amendment forget the original review the book is actually wonderful.

  3. Lori Dykes

    ALmost every story that the wonderful Barbara Goss writes, has so many wonderful messages that speak to the heart and soul. Although set many years past a lot of what this says is true today. That there are many prejudices where there should not be as we should all love one another.
    Coming from wealth and a social life in Boston, Sarah Clarke takes a journey when she finds that her grandfather, who she had never met, left her a cattle ranch in Texas. Her escort is a half breed Indian called Storm. She is at first terrified of him and all the Indians that accompany their journey. But things begin to change slowly as the story unfolds.
    With the wonderful spot on narration by Leon Nixon and the words of Barbara Goss, this story held me enthralled until the last page. Simply lovely.

  4. Misty

    I loved this book. I love the story line and the strong characters. I like the spunk and determination that these characters have. Of course it is a Barbara Goss book, so expect some twists and turns that you never see coming. Loved Leon Nixon as narrator.

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