Ace of Spade

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Private eye Ace Harker is a hard-nosed gumshoe with a cybernetic arm and chip on his shoulders. But when you find yourself in trouble in Spade city, he’s the one you want to call. 

When a beautiful woman shows up looking for her brother, Ace figures it’s just another missing person case. That is, until he finds himself caught up in the middle of something that could have intergalactic consequences. Now, he’s trapped between two rival crime families, corrupt government officials, and having to work with an old friend he would rather forget. 

Ace must use every trick he has to not only solve his case but also prevent an interstellar war, all while trying to stay alive long enough to get paid for it.

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2 reviews for Ace of Spade

  1. E Bushnell

    This book was a nice throwback to private detective novels. The narration was good. The story flowed well and I enjoyed the book

  2. Laura

    I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and all opinions expressed herein are my own.

    This is a great mix of film noir detective, a bit of sci-fi, and some gangsters. Ace is a private eye on Mars with a bionic arm. He is hired by a one-night stand to find her brother – and that’s when all the fun begins. Ace narrates the book, with sarcastic asides – and at times it felt like you had pulled up a barstool next to him and he told you this story. It’s a very entertaining quick story. I look forward to more of his adventures.

    The narrator, Lawrence Locke, does a good job – although I kept thinking he was doing an impersonation of Humphrey Bogart – which was not a bad thing.

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