I Like Alice

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“Okay, so I am your backup.”

“No,” she said. “You are bait.” 


Raul Timberland was Mr. National Average until he hit rock bottom. Now he has an impulsive space monkey as copilot and a man-eating lizard for a security officer, and his criminal girlfriend could crush every bone in his body. 

Trapped on a disabled space station, can this group of oddballs elude a band of robbers willing to kill anyone who gets in their way? Or will the outside of the nearest airlock be the last thing they see?

2 reviews for I Like Alice

  1. Kyle Hempel

    This is a great introduction to an interesting universe. Stacy Bender does a great job at mixing science fiction with humor and action. While the cast of characters truly do not know much about each other what better time to learn than by being thrown into a life or death situation.

    I truly hope that Stacy Bender keeps this cast alive and add to the universe she has just started to create.

  2. Richard C

    I don’t normally read books that purport to be comedy as they tend to get cringey to me. But this book certainly in the early pages got a few chuckles. Later on was too concentrating on the “chase” to really get too much of a laugh. Enjoyed the story, very fluffy both in plot, especially some of the creatures. Great easy going story.

    Narration was fantastic, easy to follow and distinguish the individuals.

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