Man on the Stair

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Erased from the system, Adam can’t hold a job, have a bank account, or own a house. His digital identity is gone. He doesn’t exist.

He spends his days wandering the park, keeping three different street gangs from shooting up the neighborhood.

When a good friend is nearly killed while investigating an accident that should not have been possible, the evidence points to a serial killer who uses technology as a weapon. With the police running at their wits end, Adam decides to track the killer. But can he stop them in time, or will he get caught in the crossfire?

2 reviews for Man on the Stair

  1. Daniel Davis

    While not obviously so this mystery takes place in a future where facial recognition is your ID. Government databases and technology is embedded in everything. If the computers don’t recognize you…. All in all a VERY enjoyable story and I’d love to see more in this setting learning more about the main character and his canine companion

  2. Jennifer Fournier

    This was a good one! The story was fantastic. It spun out at the right pace and kept my interest the whole time. It’s not light – there is a grittiness to it – but there are enough incidents with good people doing good things that it is not a dark downer of a book. There is some backstory missing but it wasn’t enough to annoy me just to make me want another book in the series to fill in the gaps. Narration was OK but a bit stilted at times – although perhaps it was suited to this book. The sample is representative of the narration.
    I received a promotional code for this book.

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