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The Two Week Curse (Ten Realms Book 1)
Kawokee “I will say that I had high expectations going into this book as "I Like Alice" by Stacy Bender is a great book, but I ended up disappointed. The story starts out in an interesting time/universe with lots going on and an alien race which seems really mysterious. As the story develops you get to find out more and more about the race and what everyone is doing on the planet. The issue is most of the characters come off as stereotypes. Without giving out any spoilers I will also say that the reveal at the end of the book feels like a child/teen mystery where they drop little hints throughout but then hit you over the head with something to should have seen obvious to anyone who knew the information beforehand. This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.”
Malum “Stacy Bender brings the reader into an interesting world of Elizabethan mentality. There is magic hidden in this world and more than most people know. Join Josephine Chattoway in expanding your knowledge about how this world really works. You will find demons, gargoyles, science and magic abound behind every corner. While the setting is intriguing the characters feel flat and jumbled. Strangely enough the gargoyles are the clearest characters in the book.”
I Like Alice “This is a great introduction to an interesting universe. Stacy Bender does a great job at mixing science fiction with humor and action. While the cast of characters truly do not know much about each other what better time to learn than by being thrown into a life or death situation. I truly hope that Stacy Bender keeps this cast alive and add to the universe she has just started to create.”
Ravagers “C.A. Gleason writes a decent short story which really should be a longer tale. The story takes place at a time where humans are basically a space fearing race, but the terra based military is still intact and as active as ever. Captain Nev and his squad are called in to investigate why some soldiers went missing on a new planet. After his squad runs into intelligent fierce predators his mission just gets worse. after being portrayed Captain Nev decides that he is going to do something about it and starts a one man crusade to right some wrongs. My main issue with this book is there are lots of holes in the plot and actions of characters that are covered over by simple statements or "insights" into a characters history. With some decent editing and probably doubling the length of this short story this book could be really good. If you are in the mood for a book with a decent amount of action and not a reliable plot then this is a good choice.”