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Richard C
The Last Voyage “Enjoyable book. A pleasure to listen to and follow. Contains some rather adult concepts that are well handled. Some chuckles as well which makes a change from some rather stolid Sci-Fi books I've read recently so that made a nice change. Can't wait for book 2. Narrator is excellent and makes the book easy to follow with clear differentiation between voices. Only small snag is some background hiss that is rather noticeable at times.”
Nefertem: The Awakening “Yep this book is short and sweet, I wouldn't complain if it was bigger as it's an interesting world that the author has created. Thankfully there is a book 2 which continues the story into the next part of the arc. Some parts would definitely benefit from expansion, more to towards the end of the book where the plot significantly sped up and there was a lot more to take in. Narration was brilliant and with such clarity. Some very minor editing issues, but nothing that really grated.”
I Like Alice “I don't normally read books that purport to be comedy as they tend to get cringey to me. But this book certainly in the early pages got a few chuckles. Later on was too concentrating on the "chase" to really get too much of a laugh. Enjoyed the story, very fluffy both in plot, especially some of the creatures. Great easy going story. Narration was fantastic, easy to follow and distinguish the individuals.”
Revenant Sun “This book is full of ideas and very densely packed at times. I enjoyed the book but was sometimes a little impatient for it to move the story along faster. I don't need car chases or anything, but the story did take its time getting to the point at times. I've read a lot of the classic cyberpunk books when they came out in the heyday of the genre in the 80's. Some of which can be almost funny now with assumptions in technology progress. I think this book avoids a lot of this with keeping a lot of the tech vague but functional. I'm happy to view the book as a very good new chapter in cyberpunk and I will await other books from this author with interest. The narrator was very good and the voices were very clearly defined.”