Hope Eternal

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After years of hiding who and what she is, Constance Michaels must now face the bitter truth of her wrenched past and the knowledge one of her children wants nothing to do with her. She understands her daughter’s feelings. Thirteen years was a long time to be absent to just expect to walk back into a person’s life and pick up where she left off. There were mountains to climb and bridges to mend before she could possibly hope for forgiveness for the part she played.

Beg Wilson has worked hard to put together the broken pieces of his wife’s heart. The last thing he needs is Constance thinking she could come back into her daughter’s life and undo everything he’d worked so hard to achieve. He’s conflicted as to what would be best for all of them. He knew what it was like not to have a mother. How could he possibly deny his wife the chance to have her, regardless of the outcome?

Is it possible for Beg to use the spirit of Christmas to mend old wounds, build bridges, close the gap of time, and bring a mother and daughter together?

4 reviews for Hope Eternal

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    A daughter that believed she had been abandoned, now approached by the very person she blamed for her feelings.
    The husband, who loved and cherished his new wife, didn’t want to do anything to cause a rift in that relationship, but needing to understand what had caused his wife’s feelings of abandonment from her parent, as well as, finding out the other side of the story.
    It could all come asunder, but hopefully Christmas magic may spread goodwill and cheer to these estranged relationships.
    Yes, yet another great story from this Author.

  2. Lori Dykes

    This entire series is amazing and I have loved every one. The storyline and the narrator are truly the best. I love everything by Sandra Sinclair. Her stories warm the heart and make me sigh with happiness!

  3. Shirley Forrest Nomakeo

    A Mother’s Decision

    I received a free copy of this audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed in exchange for an honest review.
    Constance Michaels makes an impossible decision to change her life and the lives of her daughters. Her plans change their lives forever but she gains a new family in the process. Although her life struggles are unbelievable it ends up in a relatively happy ending. The narrator was really good and brought a lot to this short story.

  4. Benita Dilley

    Beg a man with a traumatized family history, who is the twice jilted and most unlikely intended groom of Jubilee Springs, tries again in this mail order bride, entertaining, 2 hour audio, lightly Christian, highly improbable, mail-order romance story.

    In this series, some characters reappear in very minor parts in other books, but books can be read in any order or as stand alones.

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