His Majesty: A Rough Romance

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What the king wants, he gets, and what the king wants right now is me. On my knees. 

Maximo Giovanni Santaro is a king. A real king, like in the old days. The kind I didn’t know still existed. The kind who commands obedience and punishes any hint of defiance from his subjects. 

His Majesty doesn’t take no for an answer, and refusing his royal command has earned me not just a spanking that will leave me sobbing, but a lesson so utterly shameful, that it will serve as an example for anyone else who might dare to disobey him. I will beg and plead as one brutal, screaming climax after another ravages my quivering body, but there will be no mercy for me. 

He’s not going to stop until he’s taught me that my rightful place is at his feet, blushing and sore.

2 reviews for His Majesty: A Rough Romance

  1. Vicki

    This book was really good. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. Initially I could not stand Mateo but he turned out to be OK. The scene at court where he introduced Isabella, she threw wine in his face after he called her his concubine, was terrible. She was thoroughly punished naked in front of everyone. I felt bad for what she went through. Later in the book it becomes clear why Mateo is the way he is. At the end of the book, I love what Mateo said to Isabella. It would be nice to have a book 2 to catch up with them. Heather Firth and Thomas Locklear did a great job with the narration.

  2. Gigi

    Naughty, Erotic, Hot and Fabulous!

    Definitely not your mother’s romance novel, His Majesty is blistering, decadent, naughty hot fun! Taboo, oh yes, in too many ways to count! Matteo is as about as alpha rough as they come, which is exactly what Isabella secretly wants, needs, and craves. Sara Fields does it again! If you love ‘em forbidden, rough, and downright ear popping, look no further. Make no mistake, as naughty as this one is, Isabella is not only fully on board, but fully consenting in all the fun and games in this deliciously naughty royal romp. Heather Firth and Thomas Locklear teach a master class in narration perfection in this one. Pure listening bliss! I wish I could give this one ten stars!

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