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Seized by Piper Stone
Foxxy Tales: Volume One “Three Blistering Hot Escapes! Take three successful, rich, gorgeous, sexy as sin, alpha males in need of a good woman to make their life all it was meant to be. Add three hard working women struggling to make ends meet and carve out a future for themselves. Mix in a few unscrupulous business partners, some morally bankrupt players for other teams, a couple of whacky relatives etc., and what you end up with is Foxxy Tales: Volume One! Three blazing hot stories of insta love, each one about the length of a good movie and perfect to enjoy with a glass of wine in one heat infused sitting! I loved listening as these guys found their forever with real women who loved them, wanted them and would have done anything for them in spite of their flaws. This is the stuff fairy tales are made of, minus the fairy godmother, but with no lack of magic wand … if you know what I mean. Cleverly written by Hayley Foxx and brought life by the fabulous narration of Heather Firth and Thomas Locklear. I loved every minute!”
His Majesty: A Rough Romance “Naughty, Erotic, Hot and Fabulous! Definitely not your mother’s romance novel, His Majesty is blistering, decadent, naughty hot fun! Taboo, oh yes, in too many ways to count! Matteo is as about as alpha rough as they come, which is exactly what Isabella secretly wants, needs, and craves. Sara Fields does it again! If you love ‘em forbidden, rough, and downright ear popping, look no further. Make no mistake, as naughty as this one is, Isabella is not only fully on board, but fully consenting in all the fun and games in this deliciously naughty royal romp. Heather Firth and Thomas Locklear teach a master class in narration perfection in this one. Pure listening bliss! I wish I could give this one ten stars!”
Influencing Justice (Small Town Lawyer Book 2) “Leland for the win! I loved it! Online influencer Simone Baker is being charged with manslaughter. She swears she didn’t do it and she stubbornly wont take a plea. Unfortunately, a one in a million victory in a sensational criminal trial (Book 1 of the series) has everyone convinced that Leland Munroe walks on criminal defense water, everyone but Leland that is. But with bills to pay and no other money coming in, Leland has no choice but to take the case and pray he can pull another legal victory out of his hat! Influencing Justice is timely, engrossing, thought provoking and throughly entertaining. Rarely does a sequel measure up to the original as well as this one does! The characters I came to know in book one are back and are joined by a contingent of new characters, all fully developed and running the gamut of likability. This courtroom drama reflects our changing world and nation brilliantly. The plot is easy to understand, easy to follow, throughly engrossing and completely unpredictable! The dialogue is beautifully written and feels like it would actually be spoken by the characters! The narration that brings this marvelous story to life is top notch and has a very authentic sound and feel. Like the first book, once I started, I could not stop and devoted an entire evening to listening to this audio! I loved it!”
Defending Innocence : A Legal Thriller filled with Gripping Courtroom Drama (Small Town Lawyer Book 1) “An edge of your seat legal thriller! Filled with twists, turns, nail biting suspense, heart stopping action, and realistically imperfect, beautifully developed characters, Defending Innocence is a dynamically written legal thriller that kept me up all night! Sleep was out of the question until I had ALL the answers! Sure, I had my guesses, I added up the clues, I made notes like a good armchair detective, and curses, I was foiled again and again! The plot, THIS plot is delightfully intricate and complex, but so throughly and creatively explained that not only was I completely engaged, I was able to stay immersed in the moment without being bored or confused! The writing is THAT good! The characters are realistically human and continually evolving through the entire course of the story! There were a few instantly fell for, a couple I absolutely loathed, some that had me on the fence till nearly the end, and a few I completely changed my opinion on as the story played out! No spoilers! Sorting out “who’s who” is half the fun of listening to this fantastically and convincingly narrated legal thriller! And fun is exactly what I had! I loved every single heart stopping moment!”