Flynn (The Love Family Book 3)

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Flynn Love knows a thing or two about women. When he loses a bet to his buddy and is forced to play tour guide and babysitter to the man’s little sister, he’s warned she can be a handful and is always attracted to losers. Flynn has one job: Show her around her new home on Love Island and scare away the creeps while winning her over with his charm. Should be a piece of cake, right?

Wrong. Expecting some nerdy scientist with a big brain and even bigger glasses, he’s stunned to find out the woman he’s to spend time with turns out to be sex in spiked heels with an even sharper tongue.

Mia Stewart has had a tough time of late with break-ins at her home and a mugging that sent her to the emergency room. The universe is conspiring against her and screwing her at every turn. When her boss offers her a job at his new lab on a luxurious island to continue her research, she jumps at the chance to sneak away from the troubles plaguing her and leave them behind.

When trouble follows her to the island and threatens her new life, she’ll rely on the one person her brother trusts to keep her safe, even if the two clash in every way but sexual tension. When things heat up, it’s more than her life on the line she needs to worry about. It’s her heart.

Can the playboy change his ways, or is he a brain cell shy of keeping up?

3 reviews for Flynn (The Love Family Book 3)

  1. Michelle Kettler

    Absolutely enjoyed this story. After Flynn loses a bet to Kias brother she moves into his house for personal protection from a stalker. Great twist of who sone it The narration was very good and worked well with all characters the storyline itself kept me intrigued.

  2. Peni Anne

    A short enjoyable story perfect for a relaxing diversion. I enjoyed the characters and look forward to hearing more about them.

    Robin Sitten’s narration is getting better.

  3. Nessa

    Well I’m really enjoying this series, it’s light easy listening, nothing to taxing or complicated to get your head around.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Flynn and Mia, getting to know them and seeing how things develope between the two of them. There was a fair bit of action going on in the story given that Mia had a stalker that she was trying to escape from. So it’s not all love and romance. Oh and Flynn has a unique talent in that he gets premonitions on occassion, so that brings something to the story too.

    One thing I’m loving about this series, is the characters who majority of them form the Love family, how they all keep popping up in each of the books. So even though I’ve read said characters stories, it’s nice that they pop up in the other books to the series as it means you can get updates on how they are each doing.

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