Jackson (Book 8)

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True crime novelist Scarlett Denton has met her fair share of seedy criminals locked away behind bars. When the elusive crime boss Salvatore summons her to write his story, she thinks this might finally be her big break. Salvatore is a mastermind at avoiding jail time, and she is about to be told exactly how he’s able to stay free. When he drops the bombshell at their interview that his isn’t the story she’s going to write, Scarlett decides it’s high time to put the crime boss in his place. Until he offers her another story that is even more enticing, which involves secrets and a cover-up within the FBI.

When ex-FBI agent and security specialist Jackson Love receives a call from his sister that her best friend has been hit by a car, she asks him to go make sure everything is okay. When he gets to the hospital, finds Scarlett, and hears the reason why she ran into oncoming traffic, he knows she’ll never be safe until she gets her answers.

On the run to uncover the clues the informant left behind, they’ll have to outthink and outmaneuver the same men he’s trusted during his entire career – his friends and old colleagues at the FBI.

Jackson thought the chase was bad, but once he gets his hands on the information, he realizes things are worse than they seem. His own secrets and those of his family are about to be exposed, and he’ll do everything in his power to make sure that doesn’t happen.

1 review for Jackson (Book 8)

  1. Peni Anne

    I think this was my favorite story, and it had a short epilogue which I love. This one had me guessing almost to the end. Not certain who to trust or how it would all work out. Ms. Allenton tells a tight story yet it was all there and doesn’t feel like anything was left out.

    Throughout the series Robin J. Sitten evolved from a narratir who needed more work on her craft to a capable storyteller. By the end it was pleasant to listen to her.

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