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Peni Anne
Jackson (Book 8) “I think this was my favorite story, and it had a short epilogue which I love. This one had me guessing almost to the end. Not certain who to trust or how it would all work out. Ms. Allenton tells a tight story yet it was all there and doesn't feel like anything was left out. Throughout the series Robin J. Sitten evolved from a narratir who needed more work on her craft to a capable storyteller. By the end it was pleasant to listen to her.”
Gabe (Book 7) “In this one we get to see the whole family working together to save Lucy from her nightmare husband. I loved how Gabe was so patient and didn't let on that he knew what she was thinking at first.”
Reed (The Love Family Series, Book 4) “I am amazed at how much story can be told in such a short amount of time. There was some confusion in the middle when Avery was just tolerating Reed to when she was all, very abrupt and it didn't seem that there was any transition act. Maybe I missed it. Otherwise an excellent story. Robin J. Sitten did a great job bringing the story to life with the exception of abrupt montone chapter changes.”
Landon (Book 5) “This one even more than the others is a continuation of 'Reed' with Alice & Landon. It was good to see justice done.”
Alexis (Book 6) “Another winner in an intriguing series. I was a little surprised at how open Alexis was with her gifts around strangers & how Cole seemed so unsurprised by it. I really liked to & his side kick. It would be nice to see them again.”
Always Her Cowboys: Moose Ranch (Cowboys Online Book 5) “At this time, there don't appear to be any more stories about JJ & her men. So I would say this was a nice predictable finish to the series. Very tidy and just a little disappointing for some reason. I liked the characters, the setting & storyline. I would have liked to have it continue maybe with more interactions with side characters. Teri Clark Linden did a fabulous job bringing the series to life.”
Cowboys in Her Heart: Moose Ranch (Cowboys Online Book 4) “Another good episode for JJ & her men. It was nice to meet Mia. I hope we get to hear what happens with her in the future. It was encouraging JJ didn't seem to have a problem contemplating flying after the emergency landing. Her anxiety seems to be a thing of the past for the most part.”
Cowboys In Her Pocket: Moose Ranch~A Romance Menage Western Cowboy Contemporary Series MFMM (Cowboys Online Book 2) “I enjoyed listening to the continuing story of JJ & her men. We encounter a new character with mischief up his sleeve. In such a remote area it is surprising and a bit scary. Most of the story is very realistic. Teri Clark Linden continues to do a wonderful job bringing the story to life.”
Loving Her Cowboys: Moose Ranch ~ A Romance Menage Western Contemporary Series MFMM (Cowboys Online Book 3) “Another terrific eddition for JJ & her men. I love how JJ is taking control of her fears and working through them. It is encouraging and and filled with hope. I'm looking forward to hearing if her hopes for the future come to fruition.”
Cowboys for Christmas: Moose Ranch ~ A MFMM Romance Menage Western Contemporary Series (Cowboys Online Book 1) “I liked this hot story. It is difficult to express. There are a number of sexy times that basically say the same thing, even using the same words. If the author had thought a little more about the story (I think the story indicated JJ was only 15, a minor, when sent to jail.) Still she wasn't a virgin? Indeed had 2 experiences? The overall story would have been more believable and flowed better. still it was interesting and the insecurities JJ suffered from. The characterization and setting descriptions were terrific. The characters themselves likeable and relatable. Teri Clark Linddn did an excellent job bringing the story to life.”
Flynn (The Love Family Book 3) “A short enjoyable story perfect for a relaxing diversion. I enjoyed the characters and look forward to hearing more about them. Robin Sitten's narration is getting better.”
Declan (The Love Family Series, Book 2) “After hearing 'Skylar' I was excited to hear 'Declan'. It was just as good. Robin Sitten did a good job narrating, the pace was much improved. I like the characters and look forward to more.”
Skylar (The Love Family, Book 1) “Overall a good story. It would have been better if it had been fleshed out a bit and not so rushed. There was plenty of material. As it was the characterization suffered the most. Robin Sitten did okay as narrator. She read quite fast all the way through and although she used some voices it was mostly lost in the swiftness of the pace.”