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The war takes a turn as the Renegade experience betrayal at the hands of those they thought were their allies.

Brock wakes up behind enemy lines, having been mistaken for one of the Developers. With no way to contact his team and no idea where he is heading, it’s only a matter of time before he’s discovered. 

Alyssa isn’t like the rest of her android peers. She has passion, feelings and curiosity, all of which are grounds for deletion. She has been given one more chance to prove herself to her grand leader, and to fail will mean a horrific death. But when she finds a toned warrior who is everything but a machine, could this be her way out of her cold, abusive life?

Survival may have brought them together, but will the feuding sides pull them apart?

©2018 Lyndsay Whitlock (P)2019 Lyndsay Whitlock

1 review for Discovered

  1. Jerry Harkey

    This book 2 is mercifully shorter than the 1st, 7&1/2 vs 10 hours. And, we have two story lines, Brock & Alyssa and Lily & Crew. So, the pace here is much better and there’s more interaction between characters; friends and foes. The Borg-like Developers also play a bigger role now that the evil Galon has been eliminated. The action/fight/battle scenes are way too long and not very believable. This a very average SciFi Romance to me. However, others seem to like it and the male narrator in this book is much better. I rec’d this book from Audiobooks Unleashed!

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