So…THIS Happened


Brandon Andrew Morgan wants and lives a normal life. Well, mostly, anyway. Between his crazy roommates, slacker brother, and the intolerable customers that plague his job, Brandon certainly attempts to make the most of things. But Brandon’s world is about to be turned upside down when mankind decides to face a possible doomsday event by doing what they do best: making it worse. Much worse, in fact. Implementing the new Omega Vaccine as a preventative, let’s just say the world is not prepared for the side effects that weren’t posted on the label.

Soon, Brandon and his friends find themselves trying to survive as society goes to hell in a haughty handbasket. Vengeful zombies want his brains. A selfish vampire wants his blood. And somewhere in the mix, Jesus has returned for a most awkward second coming. Things only get worse as Brandon and a lovable band of custodians try to be the heroes the world didn’t know it needed.

But can an endearing goober with a blood phobia and a group of janitors turned monster slayers save the day? And if so, what the hell awaits them on the outside if they can even survive the mall?

Buckle your seatbelt for the answer, ’cause it only gets weirder from here.


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