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Jerry Harkey
Mercy Road (Olivia & Hale Book 1) “I was surprised first that this book was YA, and then again at how dark, depressing and "down" it turned out to be. The characters are not very sympathetic or endearing, yet the story was compelling enough to carry my attention throughout. It's a different, dark YA with mature themes that will grab you and hold on until the end.”
Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective “I was a little nonplussed by the YA flavor of our 21-year-old female protagonist, Cassie. The world-building is good with magic as a reality of life and believed by many if not most. Multiple levels and layers to the witches, warlocks and sorcerers, and even evil Vampires, make a potent mix of politics in the Families of Community. It just took me a while to accept the immature heroine and embrace her struggles. And, it had a good enough ending that I will be immediately listening to Book 2!”
Keep the Faith “Sloooww... Almost nothing happens except the kidnapping of Jade. Her sister and best friend wander around lamenting her disappearance, but little else. Just could not get into it.”
The Vakarran Captives Series: A Four Book Box Set “This four-book series is a bit repetitive in theme and "action." You have to be into BDSM or you will not enjoy it, Aliens or not. The defeated Humans on a conquered Earth have to deal with technologically superior aliens who want the women for breeding and the men as slave labor. 4 sisters have managed to escape with a small group to live off the land, but they are captured one by one, and you can guess the rest.”
Breath of Passion “Erica and Reed star in this 3rd book which builds again onto this strong series. We continue to know and enjoy all the characters, both Muses and Guardians, and even the "bad guys." The theme may be the same, but each book improves and revels the layers of personalities, and adds action. Death is not a stranger in the dark moments as our protagonists push to the future. I'm looking forward to continuing the series as it plays out.”
Lure of Obsession “Mel is the first of the Muse sisters to find her Guardian realize they are in a war with the Order, those who believe the Titans will rise again to save mankind. Excellent world-building in present day, and character development of the 9 Muses who will carry the series. There's plenty of action, suspense, some sex and death, and overall good story line. I've already listened to books 2 and 3 and will review with similar enthusiasm.”
Legend of Love “Callie is the Muse of Epic Poetry in this 2nd book of the series. This one is better than the first in story line if you've read the 1st as the entire premise is now known to you. I also had more empathy with the main protagonists as well as the surrounding cast of characters. Good build up to the following books after a satisfying ending. You can see the "bad guys" changing strategy while the Guardians are building their defenses. Excellent series and growing...”
All My Fantasies in One Night: Gangbang Interracial Cuckold Sex “UK couple bring in some friends to let wife have a great birthday. OK, but a bit disorganized during the "scene." Still, it's a HEA!”
Circle of Blood: Books 1-3 “Excellent world-building in this unique take on Vampire origins and subsequent challenges. The characters are also well-developed and become more beloved over each book. Per the usual "series" advancement, a particular character is highlighted and the others are support and set up for the next book. Overall, well done with excellent narration.”
Bewere of Faeries “Every character in this unlikely mash-up of Were and Fae worlds goes from one extreme to another in personality and actions, often within the same chapter. The lead female protagonist is a victim of her desires, and stupidity. There are plenty of hot sex scenes but otherwise this is really tough to get through.”
Android Girl: And Other Sentient Speculations “Evidently, Hanson has many works, but I just (accidentally) purchased this one and it's my first read of his. I was amazed by the range of subjects, diversity of the characters, the insightful observations, and most importantly the quality of each piece. I didn't keep track of how many Poems/Essays are included but estimate at least 60+ (10+/- of them about the Android Girl). I totally enjoyed at least 90% of them. Highly recommended, even if you haven't tried this style of book previously (which I hadn't!).”
Monster Song: A Dark Reverse Haram Romance “Like the first book, this is a mash-up of mythological and biblical characters with a meandering plot. However, this one at least delivers on monsters loving monsters albeit a bit trite. Really thought I'd like it more, but to each their own... I received this audiobook for free from in exchange for an honest review.”
Wanted “FBI Agent chasing a rogue (but innocent?!?) programmer who just happens to be the woman of his dreams. The cat and mouse play is cleverly done as they taunt each other with texts and e-mails along way. When he finally catches her, well, I don't want to be a spoiler, but it's Hot!”
Monster Whisperer: A Dark Reverse Haram Romance “This first book in the series was a jumble of characters from mythical and biblical sources in a mash up of epic proportions. Frankly, Nothing happened in this first book. It should have been labeled a long prequel or prologue. Finally, in the end we now set up for some action and I'm hoping something happens soon within book 2. I received this audio book for free from in exchange for an honest review.”
Her Lucky Charm “Rose is a lucky girl and we hear a long slow build-up of why that is and how she dropped out of college to move to Las Vegas and become a professional gambler. Then, the story shifts to full-speed with sex and romance, and she's suddenly juggling 3 guys! Not to worry, the action goes to very hot, to sweet and hot, but always Hot. Suspend your disbelief and go with it...”
Killer on Call 6 Book Bundle “Author and Narrator, Bruyor brings this 6-book mystery/thriller to life. Great character development and story-line, I just hated that the primary evil "bad guy" keeps getting away. Don't worry, there's plenty of bad buys getting what's coming to them in each book, and our protagonists take some nasty beatings getting the job done. So, action, suspense and lots of twisting and turning in the plots make for a fun read/listen.”
Knight of the Hunted, NSFW Edition “Kind of a slow start but it finally got going and we're set for the rest of the series...after a cliff-hanger! I just hate when that happens, but hey, if you like vampires (born or turned), Lycans (and werewolves, there is a difference), along with romance and some action, this is good start.”
Impermanent Universe Book 1 “This is a complex work that took all my concentration in the Audible format. Multiple dimensions flex with multiple time frames but with the same characters, most struggling for a better world, most without a clue. Buzarde weaves all of these intricately, beautiful painting (you'll get that pun if you read/listen to the book) not just the SciFi, but the emotions of the well-developed characters. You'll be trying the solve this Mystery for the entire read...Good Luck!”
Shadow Of Doubt – Part 1 “Erebus is a Shadow, a mysterious (and unexplained) breed of being that only come to life at night and live as Shadows during the day. He is forbidden to have a relationship with a human or ever divulge his true nature to one under penalty of death by his Society. Yet, love tries to conquer all with an inexplicable attraction between he and Aurora, a young woman who is also "special" (in some way never revealed). Alas, nothing ever really happens in this Part 1. The narrator reads (pause) like it (pause) is the first time (pause) she's seen (pause) the book. Between the distraction of the horrible narration and the lack of action, I could only gut out this first book. Sorry, no Part 2 for me.”
Kara & Dave “This book 2 is much like book 1 in the series as it's about a married couple "on the rocks" who get some good advice from their neighbors on Eveiller Drive. What happens next is very explicit make-up sex, tastefully done, and everyone gets a "happy ending."”
Surrender Sweet Succubus “This is a fun short listen with the usual sexy parts we all like, but much more. It's really a paranormal fantasy with drama, family, romance (not just sex), and excellent character development in a 2-hour presentation.”
Bad Breed MC “Not so Bad Breed but not so great either. This is much more a "romance" book that MC adventure. Yes, we have to kill a few guys, but think more two lost souls find each, again.”
Vampires and Werewolves “Turns out that Vampires began with Dracula, but Dracula started as a Vympire, a race of aliens from another planet. Well, our intrepid vampire slayers, Dan, Bruce and Shin now join up with Magdalena (original vympire) and her watcher (guess; an original werewolf from the same planet). There's still plenty of action and peril, and not everyone makes it out "alive" but this 3rd book does require even more flexibility of belief. All that said, it is still a fun read/listen. The ending denotes another book, but I haven't seen it, yet.”
The Cure “Book 2 starts the action off straight away after the Book 1 ending. Bruce, cousin to Dan takes on a larger role once turned to a werewolf early in the book. "The Cure" is for him. His attraction to Tatyana culminates as their love story begins and then threatened by a host of vampires. So bottom line, more action, romance, magic and mayhem with The Tugurlans and friends.”
War of the Chosen, NSFW Edition “This version has plenty of nasty bits in it along with the continuing story line from books 1 & 2. Lisbeth finds Knight is alive and so begins another love triangle. The Lycans are allies now in the war with Turned Vampires and their evil leaders. My favorite parts were around Lisbeth finding Mom, Dad and Aunt in Europe (sorry no spoilers) which brings many surprises! Overall, another stride forward in the series.”
Mr Stoker & I “Lucinda's (Lucy) story unfolds as she shares her Diary with her new acquaintance, Bram Stoker. Her macabre tale becomes the catalyst for Stoker's Dracula, but don't assume anything about vampires or other paranormal elements within. Very dark, atmospheric tone carries throughout, with plenty of twists, without end...”
The Final Act of Mercy Dove “Mercy is plagued from a young age with trauma that warps her mind. She seems to get her head back together but acts out in various and promiscuous ways. These actions lead down a dark path with a nasty twist and her "final act." Very intriguing...”
The Navigator “I was captivated from beginning to end, never able to anticipate what would happen next let alone where it would finish. An all-to-realistic look at a possible near-future with Sci-Fi and Fantasy elements, some romance, action-adventure and even some humor! There is no fluff in the 9 hours so pay attention to every detail as it rolls out...Highly Recommended.”
Pixie’s Gift “A very touching rendering of 3 tragic story-lines blending and twisting into a whimsical feel-good ending. At 2 hours, it is a wonderful afternoon listen in which you'll be glad you indulged.”
Vampire Iniquity “When the author warns you that Dan, the main protagonist and first-person narrator, is going to tell the story from his point of view AND from other's recollections to him as well, you can count on some confusion. Still, I very much hung onto each word of his retelling of this modern-day tale of vampire mutants turned mafia bosses. You'll find some unique vampire lore also revealed, including Dracula and Sons. Overall, it's kind of a mesh-mash but very enjoyable.”
Planet Z “Be prepared as this really is a YA read with the requisite bad decision-making by young protagonists. It's good SciFi with plenty of plot twists which to keep our young heroes jumping. We have the evil bad guy who seems to hold all the cards, but will our intrepid explorers prevail?!? No spoilers here...”
First Contact “This short read/listen has our intrepid captain journeying to a planet to meet the inhabitants of an alien world. This visit is prompted by a message from that faraway planet on a "message ship" thousands of year old. And, only the new technology of our captain's ship now allows for this exploration. What he finds there is the crux of the story, a mean twist. Sorry, no spoilers here... I rec'd a free copy of this Audio Book from Audiobooks Unleashed and I'm voluntarily leaving this review.”
Gift Wrapped “Blair progresses these two best girlfriends into new territory, experiences and finally, a new relationship. Plenty of hot, sexy scenes of many varieties. Recommended for the open-minded.”
Harry Starke “This first book in a series of 12+ is a great introduction to Harry and friends (and enemies!). I was not fond of the narrator and hope he is changed out to someone else in subsequent books as I do plan on continuing with them. Harry is his own biggest fan, but I'm one too now! Recommended for those who enjoy a hard-boiled protagonist who's good at his job, and with the ladies.”