Shared by the Cowboys

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I started working at Cassidy Ranch as a research project. I never expected to fall in love. But after meeting the three charming Cassidy brothers, I’m falling head over heels in love.

1 review for Shared by the Cowboys

  1. Christi Fowler

    Title: Shared by the Cowboys
    Author: Cassie Cole
    Format: Audio
    Narrators: Dahlia Lynde, Curt Bonnem
    Genre: Romance, RH, western, cowboy
    Standalone: Yes
    Part of a Series: No
    POV: Rebecca, Mason, Cody and Blake
    Steam Level: Toasty

    Shared by the Cowboys is steamy RH romance with three sexy cowboy brothers and their new ranch-hand who is there under false pretenses. Rebecca is actually a successful mystery author whose next book is set on a ranch. Country girl, turned city girl is going back to her roots but the lies keep adding up. I enjoyed the brothers and got a giggle about their references to birth order in relation to their personalities and interactions. I loved Cody, the youngest, and how he knows how to plant seed into his brothers’ heads to sprout into ideas. I also got a kick out of the TV show he’s addicted to. And also Blake’s subtle cork blocking. Overall, Shared by the Cowboys was a delight to listen to – funny, sexy and unexpected at times.

    I received this audiobook for free from Audiobooks Unleashed. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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