Change Up

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Life on the road as a pro-ballplayer isn’t without it’s drawbacks. And now, without a team to play for, I find myself heading home. Maybe it’s a good thing. I can focus on my daughter, Izzy, and my life. I need to get things straightened out, including that hole that I never filled after Izzy’s mom left. But, is there anything that could keep me in town if another team came calling?


I came to Chandler to build a new life. But just a few months in, things abruptly changed. Wes Martin: professional baseball player, apparent local hero, and total hottie is back in town. Our chance meeting in my library is quickly leading to something more. I’m falling hard for this man. But am I just another notch on his belt? Will I come between he and his daughter? There are too many questions, so many complications. Yet… I can’t get Was Martin out of my head.

3 reviews for Change Up

  1. Shakera Blakney

    I generally don’t do a lot of sports romance stories, but I thought this was absolutely adorable. Wes is a stand-up guy who lost his spot on the team because, in the world of baseball, 35 is old. Hey, everyone has a birthday! He meets Kristin, the local librarian, and sparks fly! I thought they were great together. It took me a while to warm up to Izzy. There was one moment, she made me extremely angry. But she came around, just as I did. What was missing for me was conflict. Other than Izzy, there wasn’t any real drama. I’m okay with that, but it would have been nice to have. The narrations were spot on and the sweet personalities injected into each character made the story sweet and endearing.

  2. Karin Anderson

    Standalone Novel.

    Kristin just started her job as her new town’s librarian when she meets Wes, former baseball star. He’s home after losing his job, but somehow his family has moved on without him. His daughter, Izzy, is a moody teenager who lives with his parents most of the year. Now, he doesn’t know how to connect with her as a father. When Izzy finds Kristin with her father, she loses it. Wes just needs a little time to figure out how to make it all work, but he is offered a fantastic opportunity at just the wrong moment.

    If you’re looking for a book that doesn’t have sugar-coated characters and shows the balance required for real life, this is the book for you!


  3. Rebecca Gutknecht

    This was my first Lacy Hart book and I can NOT say that I was dissapointed! I was laughing through this whole story! Daniel James Lewis and Juliana Solo did a great job with narration and managed to make the book even better! This book is a must listen whether you like sports romance or not!

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