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Shakera Blakney
Fragile Facade “I honestly don't know where to start this review. The story of Lark Kingsley is an intriguing one. The only child, the heir of the Kingsley Diamond dynasty, realizes her life isn't so peachy. There are a lot of pretenses that have to be put on and she's not being her true self. But she's also been very secretive, which does not help matters. When she goes missing, the world needs to know what happened to her. Where is she? Is she hurt, or did she run away with a guy? For some unexplainable reason, the disappearance of Lark speaks to Raven. First, she finds a diary in her trunk and this leads Raven on a chase to find the clues and solve the case. She does so with the help of her downstairs neighbor, Asher. As she solves each clue, it brings her one step closer to finding Lark, but all the clues are bringing up more questions than answers. Can Raven solve the clues in time to save Lark? Psychological thrillers aren't typically my thing, but I could not put this down! Every time I thought I solved the case, another twist. There's something about Asher I don't trust, but I can't put my finger on it. I like Lark and Raven. There are moments when I really just want to shake Raven, but I get her logic. This book, along with Sarah Puckett's narration, had me going through all types of emotions. It gave me anxiety, wanting to know what happens next, is Lark going to be okay? Sarah's narration was brilliant. The personalities she supplied to each character was absolute perfection. It does end in somewhat of a cliffhanger, but it is so worth it! This book will have you wondering what will happen next. What will happen to Raven? Is Asher trustworthy? (That may just be me...) But I can't wait to read/listen to book 2!”
Platinum Prey “This was such an amazing sequel. As the search for Lark continues, Raven is unraveling so much information. I was initially suspicious of Asher, and I was right to be. I just can't tell if he's a good guy or not. I have theories and every time my theory is close to coming true, there's a plot twist. Each plot twist is better than the last. Sarah Puckett was perfection. At this point for me, she can do no wrong! I can't wait to see what happens next!”
Life Goes On “I was warned to be prepared for this story and how I would need a box of tissues. While I had considered myself warned, I still wasn't emotionally prepared for what this story would do to me. This is a beautiful story of Olivia and Silas, who were the epitome of love. When Silas unexpected to passes away, Olivia is devastated but learns via Silas that her life must go on. How do you go on when the only person you've ever loved is no longer there? Sarah Puckett's narration truly brought this story to life and I found myself sitting at my desk wiping tears off my face. I remember thinking halfway through the story "I'm not okay." This story was beautiful, tragic, beautifully tragic. Do have tissues available because you will need it.”
Change Up “I generally don't do a lot of sports romance stories, but I thought this was absolutely adorable. Wes is a stand-up guy who lost his spot on the team because, in the world of baseball, 35 is old. Hey, everyone has a birthday! He meets Kristin, the local librarian, and sparks fly! I thought they were great together. It took me a while to warm up to Izzy. There was one moment, she made me extremely angry. But she came around, just as I did. What was missing for me was conflict. Other than Izzy, there wasn't any real drama. I'm okay with that, but it would have been nice to have. The narrations were spot on and the sweet personalities injected into each character made the story sweet and endearing.”
Clutch: A Novel “Clutch is a light, fun read that will have you laughing out loud sometimes and frustrated at other times. Join Caroline in the world of dating as she tries to find her “Happily Ever After,” her Clutch. Early on, you know how this is going to end. I didn’t mind that, but I was interested to see how we would get there. Caroline went on a series of dates over time, and each guy represented a purse of some sort. In a weird kind of way, some of the guys I found a little endearing, while I found others tried my nerves a bit. Reading about Caroline’s dating escapades did give some exaggerated misadventures, but over glasses of wine, it was fun to hear her tell her best friend and bar owner, Mike, about them. One of my issues with this was there really wasn’t any character building. At times it felt as though you knew more about Caroline’s dates than Caroline… or Mike for that matter. As someone who hasn’t been to California (yet), it would have been nice to have some sort of details about Caroline’s surroundings. Becker’s writing is fun and easy, making this an interesting read. She accurately describes everyone’s fear of growing old alone. The narration by Suzanne Barbetta was spot on with each character creation. Each character was distinct and brought to life. While predictable, it was still worth the read.”
Rogue Crystal “Aug 05, 2018 · edit liked it While the synopsis is interesting, I found myself wondering what I was reading. I think it started off great, but it dragged in places, and I lost interest in other places. I am interested to see where this goes, but I can't say I love this book. The narration is what save this for me.”
Tomboy “Who doesn't love a little teenage angst?! Cam is a tomboy and a girl after my own heart! I loved Cam and Jake together. They were absolute perfection! Sarah Sampino's narration was spot on! I enjoyed this book!”
Whisper Forever “This is my introduction to C.A. Harris and I fell in love instantly! Maddie and Lucas are amazing characters and well written. I was rooting for them the entire time. Sarah Puckett's narration was perfection! This was well done and I look forward to reading more from C.A. Harris!”
Niccolaio Andretti: A Mafia Romance Novel The Five Syndicates, Book 2 “Step into the past with Niccolaio Andretti, and see how he becomes the outcast of his own family. Watch him become a walking contradiction, all the while being hot, funny, sweet, and dangerous. He made a choice that will follow him and change his life. Family can be a funny and fickle thing. One week before graduation, and Minka almost has a lock on a potential husband. With her degree a given, she’s almost there with getting custody of her sister. She thinks she has to put herself out there to get what she wants, but she’s about to find out there’s a different way. Parker S. Huntington is amazing, she took a character I despised in the first book and made me feel for her. Minka wasn’t a bad person, and she’s intelligent. I quite enjoyed her, but I loved Niccolaio. He was mysterious and intelligent. They were well matched, and I would love to have a series of just the two of them. Add in Minka’s sister, Mina, and this story is quite amazing! The narration was fantastic. What I love about this series is each book has a theme. Revenge, family, love, redemption. This series is absolutely fantastic. Asher Black is my favorite (so far), but I absolutely loved this!”
Asher Black: The Five Syndicates, Book 1 “Sometimes, witnessing something you shouldn’t have it a bad thing. “Lucy” witnesses what she thought was a crime, and calls the police… not knowing who she was dealing with. The reputation of Asher Black DEFINITELY precedes him. Asher wants to know who called the police and he does just that. They both have pre-conceived notions of what the other person is like, and boy are they wrong! With Asher’s reputation of being associated with the mob, he is in danger of losing his company. He’s being made to look unstable because he’s unwed… this needs to be remedied immediately! I thought this was a great start to a series. It’s listed as 300+ pages long, but they fly by! The interactions between Asher and Lucy are interesting. As the reader, you know Asher is dangerous, but you also can tell he will do anything for the people he loves. Lucy tends to run at the first sign of trouble… as one does growing up in the foster care system, but there’s something about Asher that keeps her from running. Even though I read this before listening to the audiobook, I loved reading and adding my own personalities to the characters, listening to this story was even better! Lacy Laurel is flipping fantastic as Lucy and Asher! It had more humor in the audio than I picked up in the book! I enjoyed this one, and hopefully, I’ll enjoy the next one!”