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Rebecca Gutknecht
Apollo Is Mine: Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem (Gods and Monsters Book 1) “I absolutely love this book and the rest in this series! If you are looking for sexy adventure with wit then this and any other Mila Young book is the book for you!!”
Poseidon Is Mine: Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem “This audiobook has a great storyline and amazing narration!! I definitely recommend this book! Bring on the next book!”
The Burn “This audiobook was fabulous... loved the narration by Maren McGuire! The storyline flows easily and keeps you engaged. I found myself feeling for both of the main characters... I am definitely hunting down book 2 now! Do I recommend this audiobook... yes I do!”
Extreme “Claire Adams wrote a witty one thisI absolutely loved the narration by Kae Marie Denino. Kae's library of voices at her disposable is amazing! This story pulls you in and keeps you on your toes. I found myself not only laughing but crying and even angry at times throughout this story! I reccomend this audiobook.”
Change Up “This was my first Lacy Hart book and I can NOT say that I was dissapointed! I was laughing through this whole story! Daniel James Lewis and Juliana Solo did a great job with narration and managed to make the book even better! This book is a must listen whether you like sports romance or not!”
My Boys – A Reverse Harem Romance “My boys was well written by Alyssa Clark. The storyline moved along well and kept me laughing. The narration by Ingrid Mey honestly started off a bit robotic. However, it did get much better as the story moved along and she seemed to get into the groove of it all. This is definitely one I would reccomend and I am looking forward to listening to book 2 in this series.”
What Would It Take “I could not stop listening to this audiobook! EL Dubois did a great job writing this one! the storyline draws you and is so relatable that you feel as if you really are the main character in this story. The narration by Sarah Sampino is top notch. Between the narration and the storyline you are left with a hot funny book that is easy to get lost in.”