Bombshell: An Ava Romantic Mystery

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A musical career in the making. A murdered childhood friend. One chance to catch the killer.

Ava dreams of building a better life for her daughter through her island pop songs. Her new temp job leads to a once-in-a-lifetime shot at a record deal, but before she can pack her bags for New York, she discovers a dead body outside her office building. Horrified, Ava recognizes the murdered sex worker as her childhood friend.

The single mother finds herself torn between pursuing her life’s passion or justice for her murdered friend. When another friend is killed, she worries the deaths are connected to a shared trauma that she’s been running from her whole life. After dumping her cop boyfriend, she realizes the pain she keeps locked inside could be sabotaging her shot at lasting love.

Before Ava can move on to a bright future in music, she must confront the truth behind her dark past to catch the murderer or she’ll be next on his kill list.

Bombshell is the first book in Ava’s trilogy, a sexy spin-off from the What Doesn’t Kill You romantic mystery series. If you like shocking suspense and and journeys of self-empowerment, then you’ll love USA Today best seller Pamela Fagan Hutchins’ award-winning series.

2 reviews for Bombshell: An Ava Romantic Mystery

  1. Julie Howard

    I enjoyed this book, it did slow down a bit on the middle but by the end it exploded with a bang. Ava is a different character for this series and I did find her annoying to start with, the way she jumped from man to man- she sounded like the girl every man is in love with and every woman hates but as the story went on and you learnt more about her story she grows on you and you see a more likeable side to her.
    Ava a single mum starts a new job as a temp but on the way to the interview she stumbles over a body. It is not long before she realises that the murdered girl was one of the three girls she use to babysit for as a teenager and the other two girls are missing. With the police slow to start investigating a strippers murder Ava vowels to do right by the girls and keep pestering the police to find the killer. Being the bombshell Ava is it is not long before she gets noticed at work and her boss on hearing her sign sends her to New York to sign a demo cd. When she comes back to the island she falls fowl of the police and has to make a deal with them that have far reaching consequences.
    The island twang this narrator uses for the characters is excellent and makes the book fun to listen to.

  2. Coolestmommy R

    Ava is a spunky heroine. She has some ups and downs, but sees the job through to the end. I had some trouble following the storyline at first – the characters came so fast I was having trouble separating them. I think if I had read other books in the series, I would have picked up on characters faster. It does stand alone, but there was an adjustment period for me to figure it out.

    Ava is sassy and looking for love – possibly in the wrong places. Her sass and spunk may be her undoing. The mystery was top notch and it was just a fun and playful book. Very enjoyable. Thank you to Audiobooks Unleashed for the copy to listen to.

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