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Gabriel “I loved the premise of the book that shifters were among us all the time, but eventually were outed by the media. The sad part was the segregation and discrimination that happens to the shifter characters (especially in light of present civil unrest). But the story was a terrific one. I loved the storyline and how Ms Fanning helped the story flow easily from point to point. I didn't get the choppy feel that I sometimes do with shifter stories. The storyline was solid and engaging. I couldn't stop listening.”
Touch Me “Sometimes you find a book that you feel was written just for you. Touch Me was that story for me. The beginning when they first 'meet' was hysterical and that humor sprinkled throughout the story made it all the more real and personable to me. I loved the characters and how they are working to get past their pasts. I wasn't sure they would ever get together as a couple, but it made the romance more enjoyable rooting for them. Thanks to Audiobooks Unlimited for a listening copy. I enjoyed this book very much!”
Wolf Moon “I enjoyed the book, but didn't love the cliffhanger. I don't mind a cliffhanger, but I'd like to leave the story feeling like it finished before the cliffhanger. Overall, I did enjoy the story, but I think Ms. Hawke will need to continue to refine character development in future stories. Sometimes, the characters acted in ways that seemed to be a total contrast to their personality. I understand the stresses they were under, but some of their interactions were stilted and not in character. Overall an excellent start to the series and I do look forward to reading future books. I think Ms. Hawke is a talented up and coming author. Thank you to Audiobooks Unleashed for my free copy to listen to. I'm glad I took time to start this series and look forward to future books.”
The Trojan Project “This story was much more than a sci-fi thriller. It brought together a lot of elements and I was impressed at how well the story kept me on the edge of my seat. The premise was definitely set in a 'what if' situation, but in light of the pandemic, it made the storyline even more suspenseful. Terrific narration with the right inflections and speeds to really bring across the suspense and horror of what the characters were experiencing. A must-listen story. Thank you to Audiobooks Unlimited for the copy to listen to. I was hooked from start to finish.”
Forgiving Tess “I wasn't sure I would like this story, but I'm glad I took a listen. Tess is trying hard to overcome her past. She made bad choices - a lot of them - and is in the process of making amends. It seems like even her own family will not acknowledge that she has changed and she is deeply hurt by that. When she goes on a mission trip and reconnects with a young man she knew 'before', she quickly realizes she can't have a happily ever after with him. He's a youth pastor now, and she believes her past will never allow them to have a future. Will she take a risk? Or keep running from the past? An excellent story that I was glad I took time to listen to. Thank you Audiobooks Unlimited for a copy of the story to listen to. It was a story I fell in love with.”
Bombshell: An Ava Romantic Mystery “Ava is a spunky heroine. She has some ups and downs, but sees the job through to the end. I had some trouble following the storyline at first - the characters came so fast I was having trouble separating them. I think if I had read other books in the series, I would have picked up on characters faster. It does stand alone, but there was an adjustment period for me to figure it out. Ava is sassy and looking for love - possibly in the wrong places. Her sass and spunk may be her undoing. The mystery was top notch and it was just a fun and playful book. Very enjoyable. Thank you to Audiobooks Unleashed for the copy to listen to.”
Train Station Bride “In this first book of the series, we meet the Crawford’s, a very wealthy and proper family from Boston. We learn that well bred families doesn’t always mean love filled homes. When Julia decides she needs to get away from her stifling family, she corresponds with a shopkeeper in South Dakota. She agrees to become his bride. As the fates would have it, things change upon arrival. Will the changes be for the better? Time will tell.”
Contract to Wed “I loved this book first page to last. Compelling characters (although I had to grow to love a couple of them). Well written book. The only spoiler I think listeners should know is that the bedroom scenes are a little steamy. PG-13 If you have little ones listening, you may want to pause at those spots.”
Right Under Your Nose: A Christmas Story “A delightful holiday story to make you smile. I don’t want to give any spoilers but know this book has fun and whimsy and a hint of the magic and spirit of Christmas to warm your heart any time if the year. I enjoyed the whole story and it left me smiling and uplifted. Enjoy!”
Dogged by Love “Rufus (the dog) tells us all about his dad (Edward) and Edward’s escapades as he searches for love. A witty, funny, sweet romance that will have you believing in the power of love (and dogs) for a happily ever after.”
The Forever Sleep “This Sci-fi short story will really make you think. It was engaging and kept me listening to the end. Looking forward to reading more by these authors in the future.”
Emigrating with an Earl “This was an interesting story and a fast listen. While I enjoyed the story and found it to stand alone, a few places felt stilted or like we jumped scenes too soon. Overall, I did thoroughly enjoy the title and look forward to reading more in the future.”
The Generational War “I really enjoyed the book. Some of the beginning was confusing until I started to realize what was happening. There’s a lot of thought provoking ideas that come with the book. Overall an excellent story.”
Looking for Love “This was an enjoyable read. I liked the storyline a lot and found the characters to be enjoyable people I’d like to know. Some of the dialogue felt forced and didn’t always smoothly connect the scene. But otherwise, it’s a terrific book and I did enjoy it a lot.”