The Equinox

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It has existed for centuries.

A dark curse held captive by an ancient ritual, a creature of insatiable hunger possessing the ability to change shape at will. During the spring and fall equinox it would break through the walls separating our worlds to feed.

Now it walks among us, unrestrained, and very hungry.

Daniel Blackbird has been chasing the murderous shapeshifter known as The Walker across North America for over a decade. From north of the 60th parallel to the city of Chicago and into the heartland of a small midwestern town in Manitoba, Blackbird follows unrelenting, obsessed with vengeance. In its wake, the Walker leaves a bloody trail of eviscerated victims along the path. Blackbird finds himself drawn to the prairie town of Thomasville where a string of child murders is being investigated.

There, the chief of police, David Logan has uncovered a mass grave in the cornfield of a local farmer named Stephen Hopper. Hopper has confessed, even identified the graves, but claims that he is merely the caretaker of this macabre burial ground and that a creature who he thinks is the devil is responsible.

As Chief Logan grapples with the unthinkable, Blackbird sets out for the prairie town which, as the equinox approaches, is destined to become a killing ground where cultures and worlds will collide.

Will he get there in time? And who will believe him?

1 review for The Equinox

  1. Jennifer Hanlon

    This story is unique, and brings to life some great North American Indian tales. Keeps you guessing about the next victims, and how the Native Americans can possibly destroy a legend.

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