The Dead Past – A Felicity Grove Mystery (The Felicity Grove Mysteries)

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Welcome to Felicity Grove….

This upstate New York village is as small as it is peaceful. But somehow, Jonathan Kendrick’s eccentric grandma, Anna, always manages to find trouble. Crime, scandal, you name it…this wheel-chair-bound senior citizen is involved. So, when the phone rings at four a. m. in Jonathan’s New York City apartment, he knows to expect some kind of dilemma. But Anna’s outdone herself this time. She’s stumbled across a dead body in her trash can.

2 reviews for The Dead Past – A Felicity Grove Mystery (The Felicity Grove Mysteries)


    JONATHAN KENDRICK, mild mannered bookstore owner that is until his grandmother Anna calls him back home to help her solve a murder. As the bodies keep piling up, Jonathan keeps searching for the murderer

    Tom Piccirili,s THE DEAD PAST from page one right to the end of the book gives us a well structured mystery with characters right out of your home town.The plot kept me guessing right up to the moment when Jonathan confronts the killer.
    As for narration , I was not as impressed. At the start of the book it seems like the narrator was slow and not very distinct in his narration,but as it went on he did much better.

  2. Laura

    I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and any opinions expressed herein are my own.

    I am actually closer to 3.5 than four stars so I gave this a four as I did not think it deserved a three-star rating.

    This is a cozy mystery – having all of the elements of a cozy – small town, nosey main characters, incompetent law enforcement, etc. At times this cozy is downright charming, has some touching moments between the main characters [grandmother and grandson], with some very humorous/witty moments. However, the author also threw in a lot of events – and not just backstory on the characters but other cases which the MC and his grandmother previously solved – summed up in a few short sentences or a brief paragraph. It happened so often that I ended up checking several times whether this was actually the first book in the series as I felt that I was missing something – I wasn’t, this is the first book.

    The narrator, Daniel Dorse, does a good job but narrates slowly. I ended up speeding up the narration.

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