Being Hunted: The Molting Book 2

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Magazines loaded. Rocket launcher at hand. SHTF imminent…

Former Army grunt Jonah Browne was vacationing in Germany years ago when the Molting began. Today, he’s a man tempered by his determination to keep his family safe from Molters, spending every waking moment defending against the bloodthirsty creatures.

But now a new threat lurks near the cabin.

A community perseveres in those same German mountains. Desperate to survive, they are willing to sacrifice anyone—and often do. Their methods are barbaric, but the alternative means falling to the Molter horde…

2 reviews for Being Hunted: The Molting Book 2

  1. Janalyn Prude

    Jonah Who belongs to a danish military group gets picked for what he knows is a suicide mission. Running away When does he want considered his friends. He hast to get to safety there’s more to fear than just the guys chasing him… Much more. This book was so good there’s also romance in this book which I really enjoyed. The book starts off and engages you from the beginning. I love that there was no dull moments And let me not forget to say the ending was so good! I really liked this book. The narrator I thought did a great job and although it was set in Denmark it didn’t bother me that the narrator had no accent as people from Denmark who speak English usually don’t have one. I know this is pointless but that is something that usually bothers me.

  2. RJ

    The collapse of Henrytown was heart-breaking. Jonah, Doreen, and Haika headed for the cabin Henry told them of. Jonah still wrestles with his misplaced guilt over the death of his friends. Even after Henrytown, Doreen and Haika, and all the good that had come into his life he could not come to terms with the loss and responsibility he felt. Jonah continued collecting supplies, arms, and ammunition while he made daily perimeter checks for Molters and Behemoths to keep his new family safe. Doreen and Haika were his life, and he would let nothing hurt them. Some distance away lies Fort Perry, populated by a mixed bag of survivors, led by Archer. The story cuts over to this community but I’m not sure what role Fort Perry or its occupants play in the big picture. We get the impression that the Molters are evolving but evidently, the full effect is being reserved for another volume. I like the characters and the story has real potential but it’s not going anywhere. To be honest not much has happened in this second volume. Similar to the first volume everything seems to be background information. Then abruptly ends; quite disappointing. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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