Knot Road Kill MC, Book 2


Sons of Anarchy meets Beautiful Disaster, in a provocative and heart-wrenching tale about a young woman with a tragic secret, a dangerous future, and the broken man who will save them both.

From the New York Times bestselling author of A Terrible Love, comes a ★★★Amazon #1 Heist & Organized Crime Thriller Bestselling series★★★

What Readers are saying:
” … And she has done it again!!!! If I thought I enjoyed Noose then I am absolutely ecstatic over Knot! The story between these two got so intense I literally sat and read until it was finished. The plot twists and turns were amazing and very well thought out and executed. Of course as per this Author’s style this book was insanely hot and will leave you in desperate need for a cold shower. Very well done! I am anxiously awaiting Rose…!!!” – Christine Softley

” … As always Marta Eros has submerged me in one of her miniverses and im loving every word till the end…” – a vasquez

” … I can’t get enough of this series…” – Jodi Cain

Knot contains scenes of graphic violence. Might contain triggers.

Rose has a job.To protect her nephew, Charlie. A hot motorcycle thug isn’t enough of a reason to get in the way of that.

Except the one who saves her from a torture so vile, she doesn’t know who she is anymore.

Drake is determined to take Charlie from her, and he’ll play dirty to do it.

Noose is just as determined to protect her from the Road Kill’s number one rival MC.

Can he do it when she denies his protection?

Rose will not end up like her sister Anna.


Rose soon discovers there are worse things than death.

Noose’s life has been turned upside down.

Rose Christo is more than she seems, and involved in way more than she should be.

When a certain Chaos Rider kidnaps her as a means of coercion, Noose finds he’s willing to tie a knot especially for Diablo, aka Drake.

Not to kill; to warn.

But Noose wasn’t put on this blue marble to warn men who threaten his property.

Even if the woman that’s his property – doesn’t know it.

*Difficult subject matter. Might contain triggers


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