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Cocky Doodle Doo: A Barnyard Comedy “There is so much to love about this talking animal story. Reginal is sent to live on a farm where he learned a lot about his self. He also learned he has a tendency for mischief and adventure and it is told with wit and humor that is almost on par with the movie Shrek. If you’ve ever seen that movie then you know it’s just as funny for adults as it might be for children. Even though sharing this with your children will be a personal decision, I love the book and I highly recommend it for us adult children who love talking animal stories. I received this book from audio unleashed Ian I am leaving this review voluntarily because it is that funny!”
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn “There was nothing better than the greatness of the classics and the adventures of Huckleberry Finn. It was just as good today as it was in the fifth grade when I read it for the first time. The only differences I found as an adult they were things I found funny that I didn’t even notice as a child it was almost as if I was listening to a whole new book. Even if you’ve listen to huckleberry fin, listen again it’s almost like a whole new adventure.”
A Disturbance in the Church “A Battle of wills begin between a priest and his better at a local church when an AI robot shows up saying he would like to join the church and would like to have a conscious. One thinks it is ridiculous and the equivalent to baptizing your toaster, and the other thinks if the want is there then the church should allow it. I know this sounds like just a simple story, but something about the summary intrigued me and I am so glad I listened. There was so much to be said and so much is said about this topic in the story. The narrator did a wonderful job and the writer out did himself With a topic that should come with an easy answer, but does it? I mean if the “want” is there should the AI be allowed in. So many questions, so few answers. Thanks to Audio unleashed for yet another book for my honest opinion is my honest opinion. I loved it. I highly recommend it to those who like books that make you think and theology questions that run your mind in circles.”
Edgar Allan Poe Collection – Vol. II “Much like the first reviewer my husband and I listen to horror stories as we go to sleep at night. When we started listening to this one I’m not gonna lie almost halfway through the second chapter of the pit in the pendulum we switch to the second story black cat. I just could not get in to the PMP, I even tried the next day. I love the build up to the black cat in the way he loves the cat at first and then starts to feel such intense jealousy and then when the cat acts like a cat and scratches him out of fear his jealousy towards the cat turns into hate. What can I say about the raven I’d rather than college and loved it just as much this time as I did back then and then we get to the beating heart, OMG, OMG I didn’t see that coming. Everyone loves all the stories in this collection and although I didn’t care for the pit and the pendulum this is just my opinion. I kind of didn’t like the sound effects but you get used to that and all in all it was a wonderful book with a wonderful narrator. Thanks to the audio Unleashed For the great listen.”
Inside the Prophecies of Mothman Selected Letters from Paranormal Witnesses and Researchers “I love books about the weird in the obscure in these first-hand witness accounts were right up my alley. I think anyone who is interested in the moth man, men in black, aliens and the like will love this book. I am and I did!”
Breakdown on Blowhard Mountain: A Travel Mystery: A Comical Chase Through the Western National Parks “This book was so funny. A group of German tourists come to tour the national parks of the old west and unbeknownst to them Walbert tour van is parked at a gas station and then leaves a computer hard drive that is very valuable to the mafia. Also unbeknownst to them to goons who are nickname in the book cool hand Luke and Billy the kid or after them. As serious as this sounds, this book was Cellarius. I loved it! The two mafia goons made me laugh so much at the hapless antics. Not to mention most of the tour group or such like a book characters, but the two goons so Aplus Lee witless you almost want to root for them as well. I love Comedy like this. I couldn’t put it down. They have so many real LOL moments you can’t help but want to keep reading it!”
Passing the Torch “This story sounded so good, it wound up being absolutely fabulous. It takes you in a direction that is already twisted it so you think” Man this book is really good,“ And then you get to the zinger and you’re like oh Em Gee OMG oh my goodness that was so good! Let me just take a moment to say this narrator was so good, she was on point with every emotion, every character and every age she is just awesome and I wonder why don’t I see her on Books tomorrow then. Either way if you like thrillers, I promise you will love this book I did!”
Duplex “This book is about a man named Dan Hill who gets a new job in a new town because he wants a new life… So he backs up his wife and his four-year-old daughter and moved to this new town in his new house which is a duplex. His wife isn’t exactly thrilled about the house I mean the appliances Or definitely a new color the purple in the house is definitely a different house I mean it’s haunted. I thought this book was going to be yes another book about a haunted house it is so much more than that. I went from laying back on my sofa listening to the book and before I knew it I was sitting up paying close attention in that point I was definitely flabbergasted. I definitely recommend this book. I am always amazed at the great books I get from audiobooks unleashed and this one just reinforces that opinion. If you like books about haunted houses and not just quickly old Victorian homes I mean a 1970 suburban duplex. This book is so good!”
By Judicial Decree 7: Consent Decree “This book is set an alternate universe where instead of prison if you break the law, you get enslaved and unfortunately if you’re a woman you’re forced to become a sex slave. This book starts off with a Kim Kardashian sword A woman who has a high profile and yet she got caught embezzling money. Well on stage waiting to be built on she is forced to do that we’re dating things to be more of Lauren for the bitters. This isn’t the type of book I thought this would be. I read the summary and thought it sounded really good and I guess to sum it may be good… To me I didn’t like it. They spanked her until she listened and as I said force her to do degrading things. I know there are some who would like a book where a woman gets spanked into submission and as I said I do not like that so that is why I gave this book 3 stars. I received this book from Audiobooks unleashed for my opinion and this is my opinion. I didn’t like it.”
IF I DIE BEFORE I WAKE: TALES OF KARMA AND FEAR “This book is 10 hours long and in my opinion it was too short. I have to say I love horror Anthologies and this one although full of gore and Tara had some stories that was just funny that made me LOL. I love when I read stories from authors I haven’t heard of any in the stores wind up being so good. Well that’s what happen with this book. If you ever wanted to get revenge on someone that has wronged you or love listening to the underdog win the day, you will love this book. It is a few different narrators, And I thought that really helped change the mood from story to story. They all did great. I received this book from Audiobooks unleashed in exchange for my opinion… Well this is my opinion. The book was great I loved it and I totally recommend it.”
Bear Bloopers: True Stories from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park “I love the way the story was told it was so in a totally conversational way that I enjoy. The stories are humorous and some Nailbiting it made me nervous, but for the most part I laughed out loud. I enjoy nonfiction books especially those that are hilarious like that one and if you enjoy the books like that you definitely enjoy the book. The narrator sounds like he never meet a stranger and he sounds so likable I really enjoyed his voice and the book. It is rare I get a book audio books unleashed for my honest opinion AN my honest opinion is this book is great!”
Fun Trivia Questions With Interesting Facts : All About Music Edition “My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the questions in this book. They were not just about oneGenre but different genres in different facets of music. The fax an aunt doubts about music we’re also very entertaining. I can’t wait to get more books like this as I am blind and there is a great way for me to be able to ask my husband questions for a change LOL! I can’t say enough good things about the short hour and a half long tour of the above.”
What The F*ck Just Happened?: Stories From the Supermarket “I received this free audio book From the awesome audiobooks unleashed and it was very funny. It starts off slow and some of the pranks I just low-key ha ha, but then it gets great! If you like funny stories that are true and the quirky things we do while in public you would love this book. I find nothing is funnier than human nature in this book just proves my theory. I loved it! I gave it four stars because the beginning is kind of slow but as I said it gets better.”
Sherlock Holmes’ Final Chapter “I have read books and listened to a lot of OTR shows based on the books and it is easy to tell The The difference between an imitator and a talented: O’Doyle author. I would say this comes from the latter. A good Sherlock Holmes book is one where you can’t guess the ending and that was this book. So I highly recommend this book to those who love Sherlock Holmes and mysteries where the endings are not predictable. I thought the narrator did a great job. Sherlock Holmes has the best OMG endings and I won’t say this one was one of the greatest, but it is worth a listen that is why I gave it four stars.”
Rescuing The Brides “Erotic mail order bride stories or something new to me. So when I read the summary and it said sweet mail order bride I associated that with sweet and clean… It was not. Since I wrongly got the book I will not deduct points for it being erotica as for the story it was very enjoyable and I really liked it and that is why I am giving it for stars.”
Remembering Ella: A 1912 Murder & Mystery in the Arkansas Ozarks “Ella was a sweet 18-year-old girl with lots of bows and others who wanted to Court her. This was a very interesting book and although they convict someone for her murder I really don’t think he did it. Like most cases it seems to be an overzealous prosecutor and a biased public. Even though not all of the public believes he did it. The twist interns in this book was so good I love historical true crime Although this book was 13 hours long I didn’t find like most true crime books that they wasted their time describing mundane details about the area the town or region. There is a pet peeve of mine where they waste too much time describing the town in which should happen not the case in this book. It is full of exciting or intriguing details that will keep you reading as it did me.”
My Life in Vaudeville The Autobiography of Ed Lowry “This is a book worth reading. You can tell he was a down to earth, humorous man. The book has many funny stories and behind the scenes from his vaudeville career. Even if you have no interest in vaudeville this autobiography has everything and autobiography should have. I was really surprised at how good it was and I highly recommend it!”
Mail Order Bride Josephine “This is the first time In the history of reading mail order bride stories, that I did not like the bride. She was very rude and belittling to her aunt who only told her she wanted what was best for her and although the aunt was kind of annoying as well. She was still her elderly in yet. As the story went on in front of the grooms family who had sadly passed away Two weeks before, she acted as if she was the sweetest most logical person. I also didn’t like how long she stared at the laundry workers she thought to herself how terrible that they make them work all day. Even though she herself treated the laundry and the blacksmith as if they were museum pieces to be stared at. Also she had no clue how long these people work day today. In any event I listen to the whole story And I was very happy with the ending. Because by then I kind of started liking her. I am very picky when it comes to historical books. So I must honestly say that most people will probably like this book. So I recommend it to those who love mail order bride stories or historical romances. I want to thank audio unleashed for giving me this book in exchange for my honest opinion and this is my honest opinion. I also want to say the narrator did a great job and the author does write some wonderful books. That’s the reason I downloaded this one, but you can’t win them all.”
Allegra’s Mail Order Husband (Texas Brides, Book 3) “This is the third book in the Texas bright trilogy and I must say it was the best. Allegra finally decides to marry, but wants to do it with just her and her groom. She also doesn’t want to wear her mother‘s wedding dress which really upsets Alma, but Allegra does it anyway. After marrying she is worried about the secret she is keeping from Charlie or new husband, but little does she know he also has a secret.. Will their marriage survive all the secrets. I truly enjoyed this book and anyone who likes mail order bride books is going to like it. You don’t absolutely have to read the first two books, but it might make it more interesting if you do.”
Jacob Jennings- A Novel of the Texas Fronntier “This story is told in the first person and in the language of the day. Jacob loses his parents to a tornado in initially goes to live with one uncle, but then have to go with another one that uncle is doing bad financially. The beginning of the story was a little slow, but once it gets started it really flows and I didn’t want to put it down after that. If you love westerns you’ll love this book. Although it is an autobiography it will definitely Appeal to those who like westerns. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can’t believe The great books I get off of Audible unleashed.”
Schifflebein’s Folly “This book is about a man named Mr. scaffolding who desperately wants to care for unwanted children, despite he has no wife. He’s like a joke at the social services office until one social worker decides to do a home check so she can close his case for good, after all he’s been applying every four years for years! Mr. Fister been is very strange, But and the best and sweetest ways possible. He shows her everything he has set up for his children his three girls and three boys and out though at first she thought the house was too small she sees missed official Bing has it all under control. She even gets to meet his pet rabbit who has his own room by the way. This book is so sweet I wish they would come out with a book to, I loved it! I noticed that The books I receive on Audiobooks unleashed a Books I would never find on Audible and I wish I could. I love this book and I love audiobooks at least so much! I totally recommend this book to those who like clean and sweet and funny stories that are also heartwarming that is exactly what you get with this book. I know I said it before but I love this book.”
Holocaust Saviors: True Stories of Rescuers That Saved Holocaust Refugees “It never ceases to amaze me the courage people show even though they were in no obligation to help the persecuted. This book is full of stories of Polish residents that helped the Jewish neighbor survive the holocaust. They also have a few stories about those who did the complete opposite, but it only makes those who showed gods humanity that much better. It’s books like this that should be given to high school students as mandatory reading and teach our younger generation what true selflessness and generosity looks like. To put yourself and your family‘s life on the line to help another is what God expects from us, but not everyone does. I highly recommend this book to those who love history and a book that leaves you with a good feeling. This was an excellent read.”
American Carnage: Wounded Knee, 1890 “A greatly researched and nice little story about an embarrassing event and a history. equal to Americans owning slaves .The way we treated the Native Americans is an embarrassment and I think it is so good that this story is being told. I read a summary of this story long ago and never forgot that the captain told his men to kill the women and children too., because a little louse becomes a big louse and I thought that was horrible. I am so glad I read this And I highly recommend it to those who love history. Knowing our past mistakes will help us prevent making the same ones again.”
Town Without Mercy “I love a good book and that is exactly what this is. Although the parents were two women that was secondary to the plot. I don’t like when I get a book and it happens to be LGBT and it is mostly about that and not what the summary stated. That is not the case with this book. It is not only riveting and draws you in and keeps you there it is also a very emotional read. Please Make sure you have tissue in enough time to finish the book, because you will not want to put it down. I loved it and look forward to more books by this author.”
Corralling Callie “I didn’t like the spot. It wasn’t consistent. Judd Pulled over to the side of the road and spank Kelly, because she wasn’t acting right. He is the stage coach driver and he is driving Callie senator and Mrs. Hunter and another couple to California. The one thing Kelly is very immature and it struck me as odd that Judd started having feelings for her and it irritated me that Judd being a Dudley do right, said nothing when Senators and Mrs. Hunter called Kelly every wretched name in the book and like I said. he said nothing. Even though every wrong move Kelly made, he thought was a spankable offense or at least an offense to be preached to. The way Kelly‘s character was written was as if she was a little bit off and not at all a mature young Lady of 18 I just thought if Judd Was going to correct people‘s behavior, he should have corrected Everybody’s. .”
Davenport House 3: A Mother’s Love “Well researched and well told. The massacre at wounded knee has personal stories told by American Indians in those default against. I have read many books about this massacre and the one quote that always stuck out to me is when the captain said kill the children, because little lice, becomes big lice unlike Are there books on this topic this one is packed with facts and personal stories I have never heard before. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the narrator did such a wonderful job after I finish this I bought another book narrated by him. Such a great story. I mean a tragic story but all very well.”
Forbidden Legacy “After writing my original review above, I received an email from someone who is very familiar with Barbara gas books and she proceeded to tell me Christian publishers wouldn’t have published the book had it been about incest. So I went back and read it all the way through. I am so glad I did. This is classic Barbara Goss and all the reasons I love her books. I want to apologize for my initial review and wish there was a way I could a race it, but since I can’t hear is my amendment forget the original review the book is actually wonderful.”
Marriage of Convenience Only “I didn’t find the story to be logical, nor make a lot of common sense. When Alma shows up to Mary Quinn she is filled with dreams of love and happy ever after. That is not what Quinn has in mind after losing this love Matilda he doesn’t want to love again, Unfortunately I cannot tell you the most ridiculous thing about this book is it would be a spoiler. If you are bored and just looking for a boat to get you through the next hour to read this book. If you’re looking for something with substance that you can really get into I don’t think this is the book.”
Forbidden Legacy “I was thoroughly enjoying this book. I love the characters, but then After Sarah and storm Quickly fall in love he then proceeds to tell her after a passionate kiss, that he is our uncle. That is when I abruptly stop reading this book. That is ridiculous and totally ruin the whole story for me. Doesn’t Miss Barbara Gosnell this is incest. He knew he was her uncle and yet he shared a passionate kiss with her and then when he told her it was her uncle she said she didn’t care. Sometimes Ms.Goss Can write the best historical western books and then sometimes she writes stuff like this. It is almost as if she lost the bet and was forced to write a ridiculous story like this one.”
Being Hunted: The Molting Book 2 “Jonah Who belongs to a danish military group gets picked for what he knows is a suicide mission. Running away When does he want considered his friends. He hast to get to safety there’s more to fear than just the guys chasing him… Much more. This book was so good there’s also romance in this book which I really enjoyed. The book starts off and engages you from the beginning. I love that there was no dull moments And let me not forget to say the ending was so good! I really liked this book. The narrator I thought did a great job and although it was set in Denmark it didn’t bother me that the narrator had no accent as people from Denmark who speak English usually don’t have one. I know this is pointless but that is something that usually bothers me.”
Silent Love “Although I have had a love-hate relationship with Barbara goes his books, this book is the reason I continue to read them. I loved this book. And the narrator did such a great job. I always say a narrator can make a break an audiobook and Miss Pepper certainly made this one better. I definitely recommend this book to those who like historical romances that are historically accurate. I gave this book 5 starS, Because it really doesn’t get better than this.”
Amelia’s Mail Order Husband (Texas Brides, Book 2) “This is the second book in the series I have read. When I read The first book Alma’s mail order bride I was very new to mail order bride stories and was very obsessed with them, as I still lamb. So when I read it my opinion was skewed by my love for the genre. Having said that reading the second book I now see why I really didn’t like about the farts but they have conversations that make them sound as if they are very simple minded people. Amelia and her new husband Bruce or talking on their honeymoon in Amelia says I can’t tell you about Allegra that is for her to tell you and I can’t tell you on the first night… Bruce says that’s fine you don’t have to tell me… Amelia says maybe I can tell you another night but not the first night he says that’s fine I don’t want to get into anyone’s personal business… Amelia says well if it was my business I would tell you maybe when you get to know Allegra she can tell you, but I can’t tell you… And it goes on and on like that. I’m sure the author is very talented but this dialogue seems sophomoric at best. Not to mention I found Amelia and her sisters got excited over the most Mandane things, such as when her new husband Bruce tells her he knew other women that wore jeans and worked on the ranch her mind was blown. I know some people would think this is sweet and I too thought it was sweet only because they seem so simple. I still gave it four starsThough because the plot was very good with Bruce being a total gentle giant and John almost coming off like a bully and then the twist. So I wouldn’t say it isn’t worth listening to is this is just my Humble opinion and we’re all entitled to one so there’s mine.”
Lawfully Rescued: A Bounty Hunter Lawkeeper Romance (The Lawkeepers) “This is a great sweet and clean historical romance. After Logan’s sister gets killed on the coach he gets unwanted help in finding a murderer. I love these LockKeepers romances and that includes this One. With many law keeper romances and historical romances they seem to follow the same trope. This book doesn’t do that and yet you get the same feeling when it is over. A feeling of warm happiness. I love this book and totally recommend it to anyone who loves historical romances and if you haven’t started reading the law keepers romances you should.”