Rules of Engagement Survival Rules Series, Book 4

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Rules kept them alive, but a single choice could destroy them.

After discovering the identity of the mysterious Morning Star, and dividing Camp Olney, the Ford family prepare for an imminent attack from Jude Lawson. However, the real threat might not come from raiders but a powerful and ruthless group intent on making Whitefish home, and its residents captives. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Tyler’s forced to make a dangerous choice that could jeopardize everything they’ve sacrificed to gain. War is on the horizon, and no one is safe.

Some rules could break them.

Once again, Erika and Nate find themselves caught in the middle of the worst situation possible. Stuck inside the borders of the town of Whitefish, Montana, and unable to escape, a single choice to help someone leads to a devastating consequence, or does it? Not every death is in vain, and not every decision ends badly.

Is blood thicker than water?

Can the Ford family face their past and set aside their differences for the good of others, or will their attempts to save everyone strip away what good remains?

Rules of Engagement is the last book in Survival Rules, a post-apocalyptic EMP thriller series that follows the Ford family and their community as they fight to survive after an EMP destroys the nation’s power grid.

3 reviews for Rules of Engagement Survival Rules Series, Book 4

  1. Kevin

    Rules of Conflict, the 2nd book in the Survival Rules series, picks up shortly after the end of Rules of Survival, and continues to follow the struggles of Tyler Ford, his friends, family, and the people Whitefish, Montana. This is a solid post apocalyptic thriller and features a solid cast of characters (no spoilers but some of them you’ll absolutely love to hate), a lot of fast paced action, and multiple interconnected intriguing storylines (one of which was surprisingly dark). And the ending definitely left me wondering about what comes next.

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  2. Kevin

    ignore my first review…accidently posted book 2 review instead of book 4….

    Bringing the Survival Rules series to an end, Rules of Engagement embraces the old saying: the enemy of my enemy is my friend, as a new group of outside invader forces The Ford family to ally with Jude Lawson and Morning Star. Of course the Fords must also come to terms with Morning Star’s true identify. As with the other books in the series, this is a fast paced thriller with plenty of action. While I still felt there were issues to be addressed, overall it was a satisfying ending to the saga.

    I was given a free review copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

  3. Leah Brock

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    The ‘Survival Rules’ series concludes in the fourth book, ‘Rules of Engagement’. This is a series of chronological books that build to a final climax in this last book. They are not meant as stand-alone novels. I recommend starting with Book 1, if you haven’t already.

    Camp Olney is recovering from their split with Jude and his followers. They soon hear of a new threat to Whitefish–a militia group intent on forcing tyranny on the residents. Tyler, knowing it’s only a matter of time until the militia attack Camp Olney, attempts to enlist Jude’s help in going on the offensive and attacking first. Meanwhile, Nate and Erika once again find themselves in a dangerous situation in town.

    The Morning Star reveal from Book 3 doesn’t rise to a major plot point in this book, of which I’m personally thankful. I was afraid it would make this book too soap opera-y. The book is a well-written fast-paced action story that leads to a satisfying conclusion. The theme in this last book of ‘Survival Rules’ is what a person is willing to do to protect others. Will they do the right thing and risk themselves, or turn away to save their own skin? The Ford family dynamic has a nice resolution to it as well.

    I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again. Miles Meili is my favorite ‘voice of the apocalypse’. His storytelling style solidifies the believability of Hunt’s writing.

    I downloaded a free review copy of this audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed. This is my voluntary opinion of it.

    Highly recommended.

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