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A mutineer fleet commander. An abandoned miner. A reformer’s widow. A convicted Protector.

Four destinies. One empire.

Nikia Idan thought she lost everything to the Supreme Leader’s regime. She’s about to find out that there’s always more to give – and more to lose.

Captain Drake Elgin risked it all to protect the people of Central. Now the admiralty is coming to collect for his treason.

Tal Imari sacrificed his career to uphold the law. He’s learning that a sentence on a frozen prison world wasn’t the price he’d pay – it was just the beginning.

Brek Trigan gave a lifetime of loyal service to the Consortium, only to be abandoned to a solitary death. But he’s not the only one…

From the frozen prison planets to the glistening streets of Central, corruption and cruelty are tearing the Tribari Empire apart. Four unlikely heroes find themselves on a collision course as they work to save their worlds. If they can’t find a way to bridge their differences, there may be no empire left to protect.

2 reviews for Liberation

  1. Krystal

    This was the kind of revolution action that I had been expecting from this series. From Captain Elgin to Brek to the Protector on the ice prison planet and the reformers marching on Parliament, these were the scenes and story lines that I had been wanting from the first two books. I feel like there’s more tension and an actual way to move the story forward than what came from Catalyst and Uprising.

    I did wish, however, that Rachel Ford dug into each story line deeper. This book is where everything got really good, but I didn’t feel like each part received the justice it deserved. Really, I think each story line – Brek, Nikia, Elgin, and the Protector – could have stood on its own rather than combining all the meaty stuff into one book. Those arcs each could have been expanded to make Liberation even better, though the arcs stayed within the theme of the book.

    I’m still not completely sold on Nikia. I think a lot of it has to do with how Megan Green voices her, which sort of comes across as breathless and innocent. To me, Nikia should appear stronger and harder for what she has been through. Maybe that’s the fault of the author for not expanding and growing Nikia, but the voice doesn’t help either.

    Again, I’ll reiterate that I don’t believe Green was a great choice for this series because her voices for the male characters are not very good. However, I was so hooked into this book that it didn’t annoy me nearly as much in Liberation as it did in Uprising.

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  2. Amanda Urbinato

    I LOVED book. It kind of sticks out in my memory more than the other 2 books, although I’m not sure why. Rachel Ford has some serious talent and I really hope to read more from her when this series is done. I’m really looking forward to reading book 4. Also, the narration was pretty perfect! This has been an amazing series so far

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