A Tail of Two Kitties: A Reverse Harem Academy Tail

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You know that feeling you get when you’re being watched? I don’t. Oblivious is my middle name. Luckily, I have a Hiroki. And a Rome, a Remy, and a David to keep an eye out for me, and on me. So leave it to little old oblivious me not to notice that I have a couple new supernatural stalkers. I mean, I’ve had my share of men check me out in a bar, but once they get to know me, they usually run. Not enroll in my school, get scheduled in every one of my classes, and offer me free rides in their…chariot?

If that wasn’t weird enough, another god joining my not-a-fan club was. They say the third one’s the charm…but not in this case. One wants to use me, one wants to kill me, and the new one wants me to do what every god in the nine realms failed to do…kill a god and put an end to Ragnarok. It’s like they don’t even know me at all. I fall down getting dressed.

Thankfully, I have three-and-a-half boyfriends to help with the hard stuff and keep me safe. Especially when my arch nemesis, Sabine, escapes the school dungeon and is Hel bent on turning me into a Kaede-kabob. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes, getting skewered can be a lot of fun. But sometimes, you can end up in a worst-case scenario. Like dead…

This trilogy is intended for mature audiences only. It contains graphic language, puns, and sexual situations. 18+ listeners only! Harem members are added as the series progresses. Includes M/M themes. This is a medium burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why choose?


2 reviews for A Tail of Two Kitties: A Reverse Harem Academy Tail

  1. Mia Harper

    This book was ridiculously funny, and had me howling with laughter at Kaede’s antics one minute, and crying the next at the heartbreaking storyline. I was shocked at the surprising twists, and didn’t see them coming, Jacquelyn Faye is an evil genius! I’m desperate for the next book, it can’t be soon enough, Melissa Schwairy’s narration brought the characters alive. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

  2. Kay Spriggs

    I received this book free for an honest review.

    Whilst Kaede tries to deal with being bound to Fenrir she’s also trying to evade being killed by Sabine who is bound to Hel.
    Her relationships with Hiroshi , David and Remy is going well but she’s still at odds with Rome but he also cares for her but won’t admit it . I am loving this series and looking forward to book 3 and both books are on my too be listened to again list.
    There is a very upsetting part in the book that brought me to tears so be warned 😢

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