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Kay Spriggs
The Stalker “Alison feels like the whole world is against her and everyone hates her. After people start to have accidents she realises they are the people she has marked in her diary. She meets Bennet but he turns out to be the prime suspect is this another thing she will have to blame herself for.”
Haunted Hearts “I’m not keen on ghost stories but this is so good . Cally is only in town for a few minutes when she’s pulled over by Carter the police chief for speeding. Carter tries to forget her but he falls fast and hard for her he tries to protect her from the ghost stories surround the house she inherited . When strange things start to happen he tries to convince her it’s anything but the ghost it really is .”
Lexie “Really enjoyed listening to Lexie’s story ,her connection with Cam is electric. This is my first listen from Kimberly Dean and the narrator is also new to me. I’m looking forward to listening to the next 2 books in the series.”
License to Bite “Jane and Sophie are in New Orleans when they are taken home by 2 vampires as Sophie is too drunk to get home. Ethan puts a mark on Jane marking her off limits to other Vampires but he doesn’t realise he’s put the mating mark. As Jane can sense him she follows him and is run over and left for dead so Ethan turns and that’s where the fun starts. Jane isn’t what he expected she sassy and takes no crap from anyone and is not afraid to tell them what she thinks and that includes the Vampire council. Loved listening to this Jane is so funny and she’s brought to life by Hollie Jackson’s narration.”
Shift Happens “I’m so loving this series it’s entertaining and fun. This book follows Sophie who is Janes BFF from book one . Sophie has as much sass as Jane and when she meets Trace under weird circumstances they can’t deny the feelings between them.”
Charm Me Again “I received this book free for an honest review. Really enjoyed the story Josie was really likeable and she was oblivious to the magic around her .Dayan arrived at his sisters request to protect Josie from a stalker but things went from bad to worse when then realised the stalker was an ancient Fae set on getting revenge .”
A Tail of Two Kitties: A Reverse Harem Academy Tail “I received this book free for an honest review. Whilst Kaede tries to deal with being bound to Fenrir she’s also trying to evade being killed by Sabine who is bound to Hel. Her relationships with Hiroshi , David and Remy is going well but she’s still at odds with Rome but he also cares for her but won’t admit it . I am loving this series and looking forward to book 3 and both books are on my too be listened to again list. There is a very upsetting part in the book that brought me to tears so be warned 😢”
A Tail of Woah: A Reverse Harem Academy Tail “I received this book free for an honest review. Kaede is the daughter of an Inari fox and a kitsune Queen but she doesn’t act the part. Her life is one big party of clubbing and drinking until she tries to help a human when he’s jumping from a building and she puts supernaturals at risk. She sent to Aesir Academy in Iceland along with her guardian Hiroshi where she carries on with her sarcasm and wit and ends up alienating most of the other pupils. I love Kaede she’s so funny and her sarcasm towards the other pupils is so funny most of them hate her but David and Remy seem to see through her and they all ended up in a relationship along with Hiroshi .”
Neck-Romancer “I was given this book free for an honest review . Jaz was unable to reclaim her magic and people think she’s weird then her magic awakens and she’s a necromancer so now they think she’s an even bigger freak. Loved this Jaz is so funny and takes bull from no one then she finds out she has 3 soulmates a ghost , a lycan and a wizard what can go wrong .”
Luna Rising: Book 1 “I received this book free from audiobooks unleashed and I am leaving an honest review. Ruby is new in town and when she’s walking home one night she attacked by a gang of men but someone comes to her rescue. Xavier Blackwood saves Ruby however she sees he’s a Werewolf and their laws say any human that sees the must be killed however Xavier takes her to his home. When his Father confronts him about Ruby he admits she’s his fated mate but things are never that easy and it turns out she also a fated mate to a rival Alpha. Really enjoyed listening and as usual Meg Price does a fabulous job of all the characters.”
A Class of Conjuring “I received this book free for an honest review As Cassandra’s magic goes wild again and she destroys the towns defences letting in more of the demons she was trying to kill she is sent by her guild to Enchanted Academy. On entering the academy she realises her infamy precedes her and most students are very wary or frightened of her. She slowly makes friends with 4 guys who have been tasked to protect her as they are told she will be the one to save the academy. Loved Cassandra’s attitude and the fact she keep her head up and tries not to let the other students get to her the interaction between her and the guys set to protect her starts off slowly but most admit to each other they have feelings for her. All that is except Dash who denies his feelings and his animosity towards her really upsets her but when he admits his feelings the chemistry between them heats up. As usual Victoria’s narration is perfect and when I have some credits I will be buying books 2&3.”
Divine Fate- the Complete Series “Ryn just wants to be a normal teenager but she’s thrown into another life she never knew existed after killing a demon. This book follows Ryn as she battles to come to terms with the supernatural life and that she will be the saviour of a divine race of angels.”
Wolf’s Mate “I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. After a friend discovers Nics secret she has to make sone decisions that Aiden doesn’t agree with. Nic makes a huge discovery that rocks her world and things go from bad to worse her life will never be the same again. I am eagerly awaiting the final book after the cliffhanger of this book.”
The Complete Artifact Reaper Saga “I received this book free for a honest review. Christine comes from a family of reapers but death doesn’t come naturally to her but when she develops abilities not in line with a reaper her parents try to hide it. When the council send her on her first job and tell her parents not to interfere she realises she’s on her own . With no control over her powers things get out of control very quickly and left her family name in ruins with the fate of my kind on the line I’m the only one who can fix what I broke. Enjoyed the story and the characters Shelley Reece did a good job narrating.”
Empyrean Witch: Demigoddess Chronicles Book 1 “I received this book free for an honest review. Julia never believed in witches and thought gods were a myth then her witch powers manifest and she has to deal with it all being true. She is recruited by the shadow order a supernatural agency tasked with protecting covens her job is to read supernatural crime scenes. At one of the crime scenes a door opens revealing 3 goddesses searching for a talisman when they start to hunt Julia she is saved by a stranger who tells her she is a Demi god and I have to unlock my magic to protect the human race. The story was really good and the characters were believable and interacted well together , there’s quite a few scenarios where I laughed out loud. I really enjoyed the dual narration Angel Clark and Travis Baldree really made listening more enjoyable and I can’t wait for book 2 .”
Circle of Blood Book One: Lover’s Rebirth “I listen to this in the set of books 1-3 and it is excellent and you need to read all the books after book one . They tell the story of 6 vampire who lost the loves of their lives in another lifetime . It skip to present day and they find the souls of their lost loved ones in present day people. This tells the story of Tré who in a previous life was known as Vladimir Illych Romanov III he was a man of importance and respected but now he was just plain Tre.”
Dead Before Dying (A Shadow Valley Manor Novel) “I loved this book I stayed awake all night as I couldn’t stop listening . I eagerly awaiting more from Maureen and crew.”
Cruel Elites: A New Adult Prison Academy Novel “I received a code from and I am leaving this review voluntarily. Nocturnal Academy is a prison school where Fae are imprisoned and unless they have magic they are trained to be courtesans for Vampires. The story follows Onyx who is hiding her magic and trying to get through daily life without attracting anyone’s attention which doesn’t go quite to plan. I enjoyed the story but I didn’t like the narrator at all.”
Carpe Demon “This is the first book I have listened too by J.C. McKenzie and I thoroughly enjoyed it the only way it could have been better is if I had listened too the previous 2 books first. Kelsey Navarro did a great job narrating and I will be watching for more books she narrates.”
Shadow Walker “I need me some more Alana and Liam and am hoping they end up together in future books. I loved this book from the start and it’s one of the few I would listen too again. Kelsey Navarro is the perfect narrator and hope she narrates further books in this series .”
Demon Moon (Prof Croft Book 1) “Absolutely brilliant I really enjoyed listening to it and Prof Croft and I have bought book 3 onward 🙂”
A Lovely Nightmare “Fabulous book one I would listen to again. Amelia has been plagued by a monster since she was a child but no one believed her. When she leaves home to go to college she meets her landlord and realises their is something about him she can’t resist. Her monster has taken a new form and has followed her wherever she goes 24/7 . I am usually good at sussing out the bad guy/girl but this book threw me and I was surprised who the monster was which added to my listening enjoyment.”
Lowcountry Incantations “Quinn’s decision to save a dog throws her into a nightmare. I love this book the suspense , the paranormal aspects all make for the perfect listen. This is the first book from this Author and narrator but I will be on the look out for more from both.”
Shiftless “Terra leaves the village where she grew up and for 10 years she repressed her Wolf. Now she’s stuck between 2 packs and must learn to shift or return other families pack. Although I think it’s aimed at younger listeners I still found it very entertaining.”
SECRET KEEPER “Really good sequel I enjoyed listening.”
RIVEN “I enjoyed listening even though it’s aimed at YA.”
Unknown “What if there are other worlds ? What if there are doors connecting worlds and times ? What if anyone or anything can come through the doors ? Not your usual glorified Hollywood portrayal of Vampires these are the Vampires of your nightmares. I really enjoyed this and am going to be reading book 2 The Turning soon . Hannibal Hills does a great job at narrating.”
Cunning Devil “Really enjoyed listening to this kept me entertained and I am looking forward to listening to more in the series. Gary Bennett’s narration was really good too.”