You Must Remember This: Hollywood Home Front Trilogy, Book 3


When the curtain rises on an entirely new life, some will stumble and some will soar.

With the end of World War II finally in sight, Ensign Luke Valenti heads home to Los Angeles, eager to be reunited with the girl he left behind. As Luke navigates his rocky transition to peacetime, he yearns for a quiet return to civilian life, but discovers the US Navy plans to make him its war-hero poster boy and keep him squarely in the spotlight.

On the other side of fame sits Luke’s home-front sweetheart, Nell Davenport, who, during Luke’s absence, has blossomed in an unexpected career. Thrilled by the excitement following her musical debut, Nell is unaware that every step she takes on the precarious road to success brings her and Luke closer to a revelation that could shatter the fragile life they are struggling to rebuild amid the aftermath of war.

From the author of the Hollywood’s Garden of Allah novels comes book three in the Hollywood Home Front trilogy. You Must Remember This is the story of two people striving to adapt to a world they no longer know.


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