One Lucky Bride: A Reverse Harem Romance

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One ripped, gorgeous groom. Two sizzling hot best men. Addison is about to embark upon one legendary honeymoon….

When a pre-wedding fantasy becomes reality the very night before her nuptials, Addison is hotly shared by groom and best man alike. Their sizzling romp invokes such a secret, insatiable hunger, that before they know it everyone is ravenous for more.

Cue the honeymoon, set atop a breathtaking Greek villa outside Athens, overlooking the Aegean sea. Three best friends who grew up sharing everything together end up indulging in the ultimate of all carnal pleasures… sharing the same beautiful wife.

Damon is the loving husband and near-professional athlete, all muscle and sinew and yet damaged in ways only Addison can heal. Saxon is the gorgeous 5-star chef of various Las Vegas restaurants, complete with shredded abdominals and a lady-killing smile. Finally there’s Finn, the roguish renegade. Fleeting and enigmatic, his shimmering emerald eyes betray a secret restlessness that always kept him from true happiness…until now.

Scattered across the globe, three lifelong friends come together to forge an unspeakably hot connection with a single incredible woman. Taking her. Possessing her. Each sweltering summer night its own butterfly-inducing journey into sharing her in every way, emotionally, physically, and more.

Can four loving friends form an unorthodox connection that will last a lifetime? Or will the secrets that drove them apart keep them from attaining their ultimate goal?

One Lucky Bride is a sizzling, stand-alone RH love story filled with romance, humor, suspense, and unimaginably hot action so crazy, so intense, it’ll burn the pads off your fingers as you listen. HEA guaranteed!


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