What The F*ck Just Happened?: Stories From the Supermarket

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Some of the most bizarre things happen at the local supermarket. Whether you work at one or shop at one, many of us have crazy tales to tell. From whores throwing patio furniture to seeing things that can’t be unseen, dig in for stories that will make you shake your head, stare in disbelief, leave you in shock, and make you say What the F*ck Just Happened?

3 reviews for What The F*ck Just Happened?: Stories From the Supermarket

  1. J Jarvis

    This is a good quick audiobook with some amusing anecdotes from the author’s time working in various supermarkets. Each story is short and has some mild humor to it. There are some that are a bit gross, but I imagine these actually occurred. It is like listening to stories from People of Walmart.

    I received a free copy of this audiobook for review purposes from Audiobooks Unleashed.

  2. Janalyn Prude

    I received this free audio book From the awesome audiobooks unleashed and it was very funny. It starts off slow and some of the pranks I just low-key ha ha, but then it gets great! If you like funny stories that are true and the quirky things we do while in public you would love this book. I find nothing is funnier than human nature in this book just proves my theory. I loved it! I gave it four stars because the beginning is kind of slow but as I said it gets better.

  3. Amanda Humes

    It was awesome. I laughed a lot. It made me think of things that happened at my store. I got this book from audio unleashed.

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