Pawn of Pharma

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The Pawn of Pharma is a story about corporate greed, business ethics, family loyalty, a search for purpose, and the excessiveness of the American pharmaceutical industry.

Samantha Harmon, a recently hired sales representative for a multinational drug company, struggles to succeed in the extremely competitive American pharmaceutical industry. Living in the shadows of her widowed father, a high-level executive with the organization, she attempts to develop a career while caught up in a business environment where the players do not always have the public’s best interest in mind.

Dr. Goldfarb, a prominent physician, speaker, and promoter for the corporation, creates a web of industry professionals he manipulates in order to gain from the loosely regulated business. Samantha accidentally learns of one of his murderous schemes. Her knowledge threatens to bring down Dr. Goldfarb, ending his profiteering. Consequently, the young woman’s life is threatened by those who wish to silence her.


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