The Keys to my Diary Series (Books 1 – 3): Fern, Marina, and Trixie

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Three friends live wild, wacky, and wonderful lives.

They share all of their secrets in their diaries.

Now is your chance to listen to them.

My name is Fern, and by some wonderful stroke of good luck, I live in the beautiful, tropical Florida Keys. From my love-hate relationship with the book, The Secret, to my encounters with cursing parrots and skittering crabs, the summations of my offbeat life will make you laugh right along with me. This is a particularly exciting year because I finally meet the man of my dreams! Or is he?

Hello. My name is Marina, and I am divorced. I never in a bazillion years thought I would have to utter those words about myself. Fern, my BFF, thought it would be a good idea for me to work through my hurt feelings by writing in this journal. It doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe I need a hot, young, motorcycle-riding tourist to help me forget this overwhelming sadness for a bit. I’ll just need to remember that it’s a temporary fling. No problem…right?

Hi, I’m Trixie. Do you ever wish you had an identical twin? I bet you think it would be like having a built-in best friend. For me, the reality of being a twin is far removed from that wonderful fantasy. Am I ever going to find someone who will choose me over my twin?

When you listen to these diaries, you’ll find these ladies are not exactly your typical romance heroines. They are more your crazy, but entertaining best friends.

Listen now and find out all their secrets.


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