Werewolf Sanctuary: Wolf Maiden Saga Book 1

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An authority on wolves, veterinarian Dr. Madeline Styles is hired to stop a disease killing the wolf pups at the Shadow of the Moon Wolf Sanctuary in Montana. Wyatt Weylan, who runs the sanctuary, is drop dead gorgeous, mysterious, and domineering. A man one does not deny.

The minute Wyatt sees Madeline, he is smitten – no – obsessed. Unfortunately, he is forbidden to mate a human. Could she be a rare wolf maiden? A woman with the mark of the wolf? Not possible.

Madeline discovers the pack’s true nature and unexpected dangers that come with living in a secret society. Wyatt does his best to ease her into the truth, yet an immediate threat from an enemy werewolf shadows their tentative relationship.

Werewolf Sanctuary, book one in the Wolf Maiden Saga, is a contemporary paranormal romance/suspense thriller. Books in the Wolf Maiden Saga are stand-alone novels with a complete ending. You can enjoy them in any order. Each book comes with a glossary of terms found in the Wolf Maiden Saga universe.

3 reviews for Werewolf Sanctuary: Wolf Maiden Saga Book 1

  1. Bette

    Great Story & Audible Listen?ActionPacked PNR!

    Werewolf Sanctuary
    Wolf Maiden Saga, Book 1
    By: Eva Gordon
    Narrated by: J. B. Burgess

    Eva Gordon created an imaginative story that captivated me from start to end. I enjoyed her writing style and found the storylines & characters to be both original and interesting. There is great character development and world building. I liked the two lead characters, Wyatt Weylin and Dr. Madeline (Maddie) Styles. Wyatt is an alpha male lycan (werewolf) there is an illness effecting the werewolf’s offspring, their young are shifting to wolf form and unable to shift back. He is in need of a veterinarian who specializes in wolves. He finds the perfect person, Maddie, and offers her job at his Wolf Sanctuary, which she accepts. Turns out she is more than a Doctor she is a wolf maiden and his true mate. He just has to introduce her to his world and make her a part of it. But nothing comes easy, a rival and evil werewolf wants Maddie for himself, he wants offspring only a wolf maiden can provide. This book is well plotted, there is never a dull moment, with plenty of drama, action, twists, some thrilling suspense and hot romance. Eva Gordon, thank you for this great story and emotional rollercoaster ride.

    I listened to the Audible edition, J.B. Burgess does a nice job narrating and bringing the story to life. He projects the emotions of the characters and the drama of the story into his performance. He is an entertaining storyteller and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for this great listen?

  2. Rellim

    I was pleasantly surprised by this audiobook. Paranormal can be hit or miss for me because some authors don’t always do a good job of staying consistent with the “rules” they’ve created for their world. Eva Gordon does this well and combines it with a unique take on wolf shifters and their interaction with the human world.

    I’m a romantic suspense fan as well and was happy with the action parts. There was a bit of a lull in the middle as our main characters were meeting, but nothing too bad. What I especially loved is that Maddy is an intelligent and strong heroine, no TSTL scenes here! Wyatt is definitely a strong alpha male, but not dismissive or demeaning to Maddy. He does make a few missteps, but nothing that would have me wishing Maddy would drop him. The supporting cast as well as antagonists are well developed.
    Gordon has a knack for combining all these elements into an engaging story. I will definitely seek her out in the future.

    My only complaints would be:
    * Maddy would say phrases like, “practice pet medicine” and referring to herself as a “pet doctor” instead of veterinarian or other technical words. It detracted from her expertise as a doctor.
    * “Wolfish grin” was used repeatedly to describe one of the werewolves smiling. It came off as “campy” and, to me, distracted from what seemed to be a serious story.
    * There was this “real life” wolf growl soundtrack that would occasionally play, and it just didn’t work for me. Maybe if this were a cast or play like performance with regular “sound effects”, but with a single narrator it was sort of jarring.

    J. B. Burgess was new to me as a narrator. He has a good voice and did a wide variety of accents ~ giving each character their own unique voice. I was never lost trying to figure out who was who. There were a few times where he was a bit stilted, but nothing to keep me from listening to this again.

    I received a free review copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  3. Amy Wong

    This is a perfect example of why I love shifter romance . Destined mates and protective alpha males . There isn’t too much angst and a hea which is a plus . “I received a free review copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.”

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