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Amy Wong
The Syndicate “I absolutely love Time travel novels and this is no exception . I have always wanted to go to Paris and this made me even more anxious to . The level of descriptions to detail is amazing . I didn't want it to end even after 20 hours . The narration was so so . Sometimes I felt it and sometimes I just didn't . I look forward to more from this author .”
Mira’s Return “Myra didn't have much of a childhood and she is such a responsible person. I loved hearing her become accustomed to human social graces and morals . My fav scene is the one with the cop . I loved going on this journey of life with Myra. It was great seeing Targa and Saxony so happy to be staying together . It made me think of myself and my friends at that age . The narrator gave a great performance and I enjoyed the distinction between all of the voices . I received this Audio book with the understanding that I would leave a honest and unbiased review .”
Salt & Stone “In this book Targa has moved across the world to take over her inheritance . Everything is going well except for the fact that her mother is getting more depressed . Through in a a theft , kidnapping , and a jaw dropping surprise and we have a masterpiece . The narrator did not disappoint .”
The Rest of Forever “A narrator can make or break a great book and curt bonnem did not disappoint. I listened almost all night long. Yes ,there were times I wanted to throw my kindle across the room when April's boyfriend was involved , but that was the point and it was believable.”
To Catch a Spirit “This book was a little slow to get into but when it starts rolling it'll drag you with. I thought the narrator sounded believable also. The romance was sweet but I would have liked a little more relationship building.”
Devil’s Gate: The Complete Trilogy “I loved going on this ride with Celeste . Seeing the world through her eyes is enough of a treasure ,but then we add in the magic, mayhem, and Men and I'm blown away . Sarah did a amazing job of giving this series that finishing touch ! *Audiobook Obsession Review *”
One For All “I don't usually like short stories but these were very nice . Each story was steamy and different .I loved all of the many tropes . All for one is my favorite of the three .lacy gave a great narration .”
Nikolas Stone Society, Book 5 “Another treasure for our listening pleasure . Sophia and Nikolas are a perfect match . They are both so strong and smart . I absolutely love how mischievous sophia can be . I think it is a bit of tessa's influence . This one of the books in the series that had me laughing out loud . I enjoyed the new characters we meet in this book and became invested in them also . Can't wait for the next books to become available .”
Half Wolf “This book had me up all night long . It grabs you and wont let go till its over . The emotions, action , and adventure are non stop to the point where I felt that I was part of fens pack .The narrator also did good in my opinion b/c I never got confused about who was talking. I feel that fen is slowly coming into who she is destined to become and all of these experiences will make her smart and stronger in the future. The only takeaways I have are the 2 long nicknames or titles that certain members had , they made me actually forget their real names sometime . I will definitely continue this series ( In the daytime through 🌄 ) . I received this copy with the understanding that I will provide my honest and unbiased opinion”
Werewolf Sanctuary: Wolf Maiden Saga Book 1 “This is a perfect example of why I love shifter romance . Destined mates and protective alpha males . There isn't too much angst and a hea which is a plus . "I received a free review copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review."”
All for One “I enjoyed this short story . The characters were all hot and I wished I was Samantha . It was nice to see friends reunited after so long . Lacy has a diverse narration .”
Shiftless “I absolutely loved that the fmc in this book mad pretty good decisions in my opinion . It's rare that I find a story that love where the fmc is anything but naive . This story is full of action ,romance and a little suspense . I also loved hearing her spend time with kevin and becoming protective of him . Wolfie is now my new favorite book boyfriend . He's a great strong alpha wolf while being laid back . He's charming and protective without being controlling or asserting dominance over everyone and most of all he is not a jerk ! The narrator was also easy on the ears . I absolutely loved this couple and can't wait to see how their relationship continues to develop 😍.I received this audiobook from the author with the understanding that I would provide a honest and unbiased review”
Signs of Cupidity “I couldn't get enough of this book. After I was finished I thought about it all day long . I tried to listen to a new book but kept having to rewind it . This story was so funny and kept me laughing out loud . I can't wait to see what happens next . The narration was great ! * Audiobook obsession review *”
A Tail of Woah: A Reverse Harem Academy Tail “This book was very engaging and original . I found myself laughing at a lot of different scenes . I hope the second book comes to audible soon but until then , thank God for kindle unlimited 😁”