The Orc Wife

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Sammi is having the worst weekend. When what was supposed to be a secluded romantic getaway turns into a near-death experience when she is stranded alone in the mountains during a snowstorm by her two-timing boyfriend. Sammi faces a desperate situation. With no cell service, dwindling food supplies, and a power outage, she doesn’t think it could get worse until an accident leaves her unconscious and vulnerable. When she comes to, she awakens to find herself in a warm cabin, and her rescuer a creature of fantasy – an orc. And he thinks that she will be a perfectly obedient pet. Ha! He wishes.

Orgath is an exile, the son of a vanquished chieftain of his clan. His days and nights are spent alone more often than not. When he finds a tiny human while hunting in the human world his compassion moves him to rescue the little thing and bring her home as a companion. He quickly finds out that there is a lot more to humans than orc-kind has believed.

When things starting heating up and passion ignites between them, they discover the potential for a lot more in their relationship than either could have imagined.

2 reviews for The Orc Wife

  1. christine

    I love this author and was thrilled to listen to the audio of the book! I cannot wait for more of Sanders’ books to come on audio.

  2. Christine

    I was put off at first with the narrator but then he pulled me in to the story and I could not imagine anyone could have done a better job! The story is well done but Sanders as always wrote an amazing book. I am an avid fan and hearing the books come to life was very satisfying.

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