The Zoe Scott Series, 1-8

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What Readers are saying:
“…scorching hot.”
“OMG love it – HUGE boxed set of all the goodies!!

“HOT scenes that sizzle your ears off.”

Smart Erotica for Smart Readers.

Volume 2 in the wildly popular, DARA NICHOLS Series – featuring Zoe Scott!

Zoe becomes restless when her firefighter boyfriend doesn’t bring it. When erotic circumstances present themselves, she and best friend Dara, manipulate Darrell into a place where he sheds his vanilla mindset and goes along for a sexual ride of epic proportions.

Included titles are as follows:
#1- Smoldering Wet: Zoe discovers Darrell is not as vanilla as he seems.

#2- Cold Fire: Zoe and Dara get tangled up at the firehouse and are in need of a rescue.

#3- Internal Combustion: When two vikings get involved, Darrell blows a circuit.

#4- Back Draft: Darrell throws down an ultimatum that ruffles Zoe’s feathers.

#5- Charged Hose: Zoe learns that she can’t take the vanilla out of the man.

#6- Pike Pole: Dara convinces Zoe to go straight.

#7- Point of Ignition: Some of Dara and Zoe’s past exploits come back to haunt them.

#8- Boiling Over: Zoe commits to Darrell, but not the way he’s thinking.

18+ audience/Full length compilation.

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1 review for The Zoe Scott Series, 1-8

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Plenty of “hotness” as Zoe just can’t get enough. You have to give her an “A” for the effort though!! Very good, diversified erotica.

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