Shadow Walker

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I’m Alana Mitchell, and for my 20th birthday, I got a brand-new magical destiny instead of the laptop I was saving for. I’m a witch. I have powers I can’t control, enemies I know nothing about, and a legacy I can’t begin to grasp.  

There’s a shadow world out there, waiting to swallow me whole…a world I didn’t even know existed until I used my magic and unleashed hell upon my naïve self. From heart-eating ghouls to glamors, potions, and spells, nothing is as it seems.  

A renegade demon and his brother are teaching me the ropes and driving me crazy with their “I-know-better” attitudes, beckoning stares, and stupidly handsome faces.  

At this rate, I’ll flunk Witchcraft 101. I want to hunt down the bastards that destroyed my future, but the brothers’ past is threatening to steal my soul and tear me apart – literally.  

To survive, I must embrace the darkness simmering inside me and unleash the devil within, no matter the consequences.

1 review for Shadow Walker

  1. Kay Spriggs

    I need me some more Alana and Liam and am hoping they end up together in future books.
    I loved this book from the start and it’s one of the few I would listen too again.
    Kelsey Navarro is the perfect narrator and hope she narrates further books in this series .

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