Relative Terror

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What if everything you believed was wrong?

Dominick Maxwell had an average life…with one exception. Everyone he was close to ended up dead.

When Dom’s sister – his last living relative – is attacked and dying, Dom thinks he has lost it all, until he realizes that he is the prime suspect.

Fearing he is next – and possibly about to end up in jail – Dom disappears and urgently tries to find out the answer to the question that has been haunting him for years.

Who or what is responsible for destroying his life by taking away all that matters to him?

1 review for Relative Terror

  1. Norma Miles

    “You’re forgetting I’m a woman!”
    When Dom learns that his sister, the last of his family members or friends, has been attacked in her home and is in intensive care in the hoslital, instead of waiting to talk with the police he decides to run. It looks suspicious, especially to Detective Kent Perry, who is even more convinced that it was Dom who had tried to kill her. Afraid and alone, Dom meets a girl who believes in him and she joins him on his journey to try to prove his innocence.

    This is a really fun, attention grabbing story from the very first page, a murder mystery thriller that maintains a tight grip on the reader throughout. Character development is not thorough but is sufficient to cast doubts about the probable killer almost to the very end. There are snippy quips and humour as well as fast paced action, too. Narrator Andy Packard’s performance is superbly over the top, pure unadulterated melodrama, perfect for this reading and greatly adding to the enjoyment overall. This book is not fine literature, sharing with John Scalzi the ‘she said’ ‘he said’ problem, and is not even remotely believable as a real life event, but it is a visual delight for the ears.

    My thanks to the rights holder of Relative Terror, who made a complimentary copy of this book freely available to download at FABC

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