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Jennifer Hanlon
The Land Darkened A Post Apocalyptic Thriller (Cannibal Country, Book 1) “This is a unique view of survival at any cost and that humanity continues to be chartible to other creatures of this world.”
Gruesomely Grimm Zombie Tales “The author takes a unique view on classic fairytales of and gives a little additional twist as they tell the tale.”
The Patmos Enigma “The author gives the reader a great archaeological suspense. Kept me on my toes waiting to see how the heroes would overcome their foes.”
The Zombie Chronicles – Book 2 “Good Listen. A wonderful short story continues in this installment. A piece about overcoming several obstacles. It's a great story for those looking for something different.”
The Zombie Chronicles – Book 1 “Great Listen! This is an excellent story of innocence lost and finding out just how far you will go to save family.”
Val – Prequel to The Zombie Chronicles “Absolutely fantastic! The author does a great job transporting you to this world! The characters are strong and very human. The narrator brings the story even further into your reality with a wonderful storytelling approach!”
A History of Egypt from the Earliest Times to the Persian Conquest “Excellent History! The author had to do quite a bit of research on this one. I love history so this was right up my alley. Hats off to the narrator who had to pronounce some pretty tricky names! Very informative!”
The Time Machine and The Island of Doctor Moreau – Two Book Set! “Gotta Love the Classics! HG Wells the first man to cause a panic over alien invaders, and is absolutely wonderful telling these fantastic stories! He never disappoints!”
The Pigeon Project “Enjoyable. This book has a lot of action, suspense, romance, and the villain is well done. It's a great book to listen to in the garden:)”
Confessions “Fantastic! This is a great story with a mystery at the heart of it, lots of moral quandaries and a surprising revelation”
Rise at Twilight “Great Conflict! The series is best if started from book one. The author does a great job on bringing the reader up to date as the story progresses so can be listened to as a standalone novel”
Supercell “A unique tale! This is a wonderful story where what can go wrong must go wrong. Wonderfully narrated!”
The Cure “Great book! Interesting concepts and a wonderful story of overcoming some outstanding obstacles.”
Vampires and Werewolves “Good Story. I liked the concepts presented, and the author does a terrific job of getting the reader caught up if they haven't read the other books before this one.”
The Duke’s Governess in Disguise “Excellent story. The author does a wonderful job transporting you to the time period. The narrators are phenomenal”
Standing at the Edge: The Last Brigade, Book 3 “A great story about how humanity can fall apart, but there is always someone wanting to keep civilization going.”
Standing in the Storm: The Last Brigade, Book 2 “Page turner! Great description of the action, and technical details. Narration was great! Listen while working around the house, makes chores a breeze!”
The Eighth Day “Intriguing. A new Jason Bourne with a whole lot of twists. Hard to stop listening to.”
Got Time, Volume 3 “Another fantastic collection! The author and narrator continue to deliver the best short mysteries to keep you entertained while waiting for(duringCoVid19) the coffee to finish perking or baking a cake. Stay safe everyone!”
Got Time? Volume 2 “I love these short mysteries! The narration is spot on. Great listening to on my lunch breaks.”
Sihastrul The Hermit “Interesting concept. I really enjoyed the story and how original it is. The narration is echoing and kind of dry needs more inflections.”
Lone Wolf Dawn “I love a good story well narrated and full of adventure, lots of suspense,and a whole lot of stubbornness!”
Serenity Engulfed “The story is great. You don't have to listen to any of the prior audio books to know what's going on..”
Photographic Memory for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Limitless Memory “This book has tons of useful suggestions and the narration is great. I definitely have some new ideas to help my memory.”
The Equinox “This story is unique, and brings to life some great North American Indian tales. Keeps you guessing about the next victims, and how the Native Americans can possibly destroy a legend.”
Got Time, Volume 1 “I really enjoyed the short mysteries, definitely got my mind working! If you are going to play this for the kiddos or having a friends over for game night make sure you are ready to pause the story, the answer and reasoning follows 20 seconds after the story. Excellently narrated as well.”
Hold for Release Until the End of the World “The author explores a true dystopian society. Very well narrorated, and the story mirrors a lot of ordinary folks lives...if they were totally turned upside down.”