Spirits, Pies, and Alibis

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After moving to the magical world of Pinecroft Cove, will Tamsyn’s life ever be normal again?

Tamsyn Bassett is having a bad week. Like the “losing your job and getting dumped by your boyfriend” kind of bad. So, when her great-aunt invites her to spend the summer at her inn on a remote island in Maine, Tamsyn jumps at the chance. But instead of the peaceful getaway she expected, she’s immediately confronted with the preposterous revelation that she’s descended from a long line of kitchen witches and is the last hope of her generation to keep magic alive in Pinecroft Cove. That she’s the world’s worst cook could be an issue.

As if navigating a strange new world of spells, magic, and exploding blueberry pies isn’t enough to handle, that awkward boy who had a crush on her when they were kids seems to turn up everywhere she looks. Only, now that he’s a super-dreamy doctor, it’s Tamsyn’s turn to be the awkward one. If she didn’t know better, she’d swear someone put a hex on her.

One more thing. Tamsyn’s pretty sure she’s being haunted, and not by just any ghost but by Doctor Dreamy’s dead uncle. If she can’t harness her powers in time to figure out the truth behind his mysterious death, she may never have a moment of peace again.

When death strikes the island’s controversial real estate mogul, will Tamsyn’s newly discovered powers be any match for murder?

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3 reviews for Spirits, Pies, and Alibis

  1. MaryLou Hoffman

    SPIRITS, PIES, & ALIBIS is the first book in The Witches of Pinecroft Cove series. Of course, this one needs to be read first as it introduces the world and island to the reader. It is yet to be seen if the future books will need to be read in the order of release.

    Tamsyn isn’t the usual early 20s, known about witches all of her life, new witch. Though at times, she acts more like a teenager than the near 30 years she is. Still, she’s pragmatic and doubtful of the magic powers she’s being told she holds. She’s told she’s a kitchen witch, but she claims she could “burn water.”

    I like that she may be something different from her aunt, and that her mother may have been, also. We may never know about that since her mother disappeared fifteen years ago.

    The story is quick and light, but well thought out and interesting. It’s unpredictable and fun. Plus, there are ghosts and witches, a combination sure to capture my imagination and attention.

    Narration: Stephanie Murphy is one of the best narrators I have heard. She doesn’t just read the words, but makes you believe she is Tamsyn Bassett discovering the world of witches, learning to bake a magical pie, and encountering spirits. Please, may I have another book with her as the narrator?

    Note: While I received this book as a gifted audiobook copy via freeaudiopromocodes(dot)com, my opinions are my own and are given freely.

  2. Julie Howard

    I enjoyed this book. This is the first book by this author I have read or listened to but it won’t be the last, especially as I have already downloaded book two. I like the characters and the whole quirky magic scene, where the magic doesn’t always work.making the book funny. The mystery was good and even though I had guessed the reason with the twist in the tale I wasn’t quite right. The story also had the slightly embarrassing start of a romance. Making the story over all a good listen that while listening to the hours will just fly by, like magic.
    Tamsyn have just lost her job, her boyfriend and her home receives a latter from an elderly aunt asking her to come and help out at her bed and breakfast. Which is just what Tamsyn needs a fresh start, despite it being the place her mother died so goes. Alone to find out her life hasn’t finished being turned upside, the truth is her aunt doesn’t really need help Tamsyn is the one that needs the help, help to learn magic because she is a witch. Getting over that fact or trying to come to turns with the strange things going on, Tamsyn agrees to meet her fellow witch’s at a party. Only for the hosts uncle to die on the way there in a plane crash. Was it suicide? Something wrong with the plane? An accident or was it murder? The police decide suicide and close the investigation. Tamsyn knows better the ghost and crow that seem to be following her tell her others wise and she sets out to solve the case on her own, with a little bit on help from a grumpy cat, a cute guy that had a crush on her when she was growing up and magic.
    I liked the narrator, you could tell which character was speaking as they had there own voices, which is a plus when listening to an audio book.

  3. Laura

    I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and any opinions expressed herein are my own.

    This is the first book in The Witches of Pinecroft Cove series. It starts in a similar vein to a lot of cozies in that the MC loses her job, her boyfriend, and her home which then allows her to, in essence, return back home. In this case, the MC Tamsyn moves in with her great aunt to help with the bed & breakfast and while living there, learns that her family and Tamsyn herself are all witches. Besides being a witch, there’s also fun paranormal elements to this story. Tamsyn is a very likeable character – adorable even. I especially liked her conversations with her great aunt – which often brought a chuckle. I really liked that the awkward boy who had a childhood crush on her was now a very handsome doctor and that there was no insta-love between the characters. The mystery was interesting and entertaining.

    The narrator, Stephanie Murphy, made you almost feel as if a friend were telling you a story – her voice was warm and inviting with just the right amount of tongue in cheek whimsy.

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