The Dark Trilogy: Annals of the Nameless Dwarf Books 1-3

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A sprawling epic of redemption, heroism, and friendship in the face of insurmountable evil and an inexorable fate. 

“A beautifully written and engrossing masterwork!” (Mitchell Hogan) 

Fantasy Faction semifinalist for the SPFBO 2018 

Child of an unreliable prophecy. Victim of a terrible deception. A soldier once. Then a killer of his own kind. A butcher. 

The Nameless Dwarf lies entombed beneath the earth, locked in an eternal sleep until the hour of Medryn-Tha’s greatest need. 

With one shot at redemption, he must discover who he really is if he is to prevent the destruction of all the worlds and lead the dwarves to safety. 

But the deceptions that once cursed him have not been lain to rest. Every victory, every loss presents new dangers, new decisions. 

And history will remember him as the most cursed among the fallen…. 

Or the greatest hero of legend.

2 reviews for The Dark Trilogy: Annals of the Nameless Dwarf Books 1-3

  1. gerald douglas

    Nameless is a powerful trilogy for so many reasons. A\It builds upon various facets: a fearful community trying to protect themselves from the outside world, poverty, hope, deception and misuse of history. The strongest though is simply in the title. Your name defines you and what you will do. When this is stripped from you, what are you?

    Stumble into the first three books of this tale of hope and woe and feel each swing of the dreaded ax and the path towards freedom and loss. Mike Carnes’s narration of this tale is utterly fantastic in how it captures each character’s plight in this epic.

    It’s heartbreaking going through this journey that pivots at points and leaves you breathless. You see the veil lifted and shut back down while you want to know what the next moment will bring.

    Jump in, strap on your helm and get ready for new path of fantasy.

  2. JoAnn Thompson

    Meh… Disappointed in what could have been a great story. Maybe this “epic” fantasy appeals more to a masculine audience… Granted, the suspense did keep me listening to this story—hoping there would be a resolution to all the evil that was happening. Unfortunately, I don’t see where this really ever happens… The instance of the horrific torture in the last book served no purpose in the plot line other than to sicken the listener. I’m still struggling to pick out the real hero in these three stories…personally, my vote goes to the albino. The nameless dwarf, himself, does nothing to gain my sympathy. His laissez-faire attitude totally turned me off. The narrator was great, and I enjoyed his brogue. Also, this series is touted as a trilogy, but the ending doesn’t make it seem that way…

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