Code Jumper: A GameLit Novel

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Code Jumpers…skilled hackers who meet strict criteria, are the traffickers of the new world. Guns, drugs, just about anything else you might need or want in the heavily moderated base game world of Re.Generation, the Code Jumpers can get it for you. As one of the very few people in the US who can dive into Re.Generation without getting stuck, Eddie is one such Code Jumper.

Eddie likes his job, he gets to be a demigod who sells weed and guns to mere mortals every time he goes to work, but following a catastrophic event that affects both the real world and Re.Generation, access to the game is restricted and he becomes locked outside in the dreaded real world. Fast-forward five years to a world where certain cities are becoming more and more dangerous to live in, and Eddie is forced to go back.

Before he knows it, he’s jumping around Re.Generation and many of its expansions in a last-ditch effort to stop what promises to be Hiroshima compared to what was a slap on the wrist with the last event. A video game. A terrorist. A hacker and his AI. What could go wrong?

1 review for Code Jumper: A GameLit Novel

  1. David S

    I like the premise. The main character was a bit too rough around the edges for me, but I enjoyed it anyway

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